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january5mon 26d

The Mafia team of marry and Sonrio have won!!

Welcome to forum mafia 2.1! Your co-hosts are january, croquemadame, and Yuuta with the flavor :)



9 players: 7 Town, 2 Mafia

vote using bold tag on separate line like this:

[b]vote january[/b]

Semi-live vote log: here, but we’ll be posting it here too like normal

Alternates: none

PM me if you're interested. If you want to replace out please notify a host privately, ty!

Game Events

  • Day 1 has ended. Sonrio was lynched. He was a Mafia Role Cop.
  • Night 1 has ended. Spadez has died. She was a Town Day 1 Loyal Day Vigilante.
  • Day 2 has ended. calciumkid was lynched. He was a Town 1-Shot Bulletproof.
  • Night 2 has ended. Jeff has died. He was a Vanilla Townie.
  • staypositivefriend was modkilled. She was aligned with the Town.
  • Day 3 has ended. Nobody was lynched.
  • Night 3 has ended. star was killed. She was a Town Traffic Analyst
  • Most recent vote log: 4.01, pg 153
joqizaJan 16, 2020
Arx that's on me bro I overestimated voice chat
staypositivefriendJan 16, 2020
i had a lot of fun w/this game even though it got messy toward the end. it was good playing with you all!

kudos to marry for playing amazingly and tricking the hell out of me
MouthJan 16, 2020
why does arcbell always scumside
joqizaJan 16, 2020
why does arcbell always scumside
Nah he solved the game on day 2 but I talked him out of it


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