Top 10 Movies of 201942

Nobody8d 5h

Okay so post your Top 10 movies of 2019 - doesn't have to be in order. There's still some films that I haven't seen that I've heard great things about so my list may change

Not ranked in order

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
Le Mans 66 ( Ford v Ferrari)
John Wick 3
Green Book
Knives Out
Marriage Story
Little Women

Ertugrul11d 21h
Honestly if you want a good film with similar story beats as Joker just watch Taxi Driver, it's basically the same but it doesn't feel as if it's been written by a bunch of sixth-form film students.

Joaquin's performance is praise-worthy sure but it's legit the only thing salvageable about that eye-roll of a movie.
Nobody1d 21h
I personally loved Joker, but it’s all subjective so we don’t have to agree on the same opinion. But yes taxi driver is a great film, another one that’s quite similar and good is king of comedy. If you haven’t seen it then I definitely recommend watching it.


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