EM crush thread44

galaxies7mon 4d

in this thread u submit ur crush to vintage em user galaxies and galaxies will anonymously post those usernames. galaxies is sworn to blanket secrecy. submitters will never be revealed unless they state in their submission that they don't mind being revealed if their crush inquires and ONLY then.

note: friend crushes/squishes are also valid in this thread!

how to submit:
-you may dm user galaxies
-you may submit anonymously via curiouscat

galaxies1mon 19d
"I have a friendcrush on Nimau"
galaxies1mon 19d
"I wouldn't mind being at a really lame party with Musume."
galaxies1mon 19d
"Bready is high in testosterone."
galaxies1mon 19d
"is dkkoba single? asking for a friend"


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