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LaserVP1mon 22d

Yes this is the same game as Transcend's Tag Team Tournament. If you want to see that discussion, the link is https://epicmafia.com/topic/93944.

Hello competitors and gamers alike. Matt, Shady and I are really excited to see how this tournament turns out, especially with the sudden growth of these tournament and competitive games.

Anyways, now that the bracket is setup we will be using this forum to discuss the competition and compose the statistics for the tournament.


  • Shax: Jeff and shady
  • 100% Alpha: YozZz and DiSoRiEnTeD
  • Team Mouths Sucks: Brendan and Transcend
  • Team VaginaOP: MonteCarrlo and youngman123

Dead, but not forgotten

  • evo
  • cooperation
  • Spadez
  • dia
  • charley
  • caroline
  • queen
  • loveless
  • twinfawn
  • Moldyches
  • yachi
  • Ozil
  • staypositivefriend
  • Disgust
  • marry
  • KinkajusRevenge
  • sake
  • D3XTr0m3th0rph4n
  • MoodyGuy
  • calciumkid
  • mindful
  • ivana
  • bruceweyne
  • Edark

Semi Finals Round Part 1: Round 812

  • Team Mouths Sucks (2162) vs. Team VaginaOP (1302)

Last updated: February 16th 4:15pm EST

We will also be keeping the scores and bracket updated using https://brackethq.com/b/92sb/

> Reminder: The Rules of the Tournament can be found on the original forum https://epicmafia.com/topic/93944

> There are also no refunds on your partner, but we will have fill-ins open just in case a spot opens up.

Will attempt to update scores at or near every heart reset

Reminder that if you get TWO violations in one round or THREE during the whole tournament period, then you be disqualified

Unlike last round, if something happens to your partner you are on your own. I gave the benefit of a doubt on the first couple of days of the first round.

caroline1mon 15d
change our team name to

got milk?
LaserVP1mon 14d
So the update I would do in like 30 minutes is not happening solely because Im too tired for this. Probably will update scores at noon
Transcend1mon 14d
You're going great man thanks a ton
Edark1mon 14d
I lost 7 games in a row today, please carry me dia I am bad
LaserVP1mon 14d
Alright I've been getting scores, and I want it to be known at this second right now.

Both members of cancerresearchuk.org have 6 wins and 9 losses
LaserVP1mon 14d
So apparently both marry and kink have been vegging hearts, so Diso will probably make the next round despite the worst winning percentage (and evo had a 0/5 first day)

Speaking of Team 1, they seemed to have caught up to the Last Heartbreakers

Also Team Mouth Sucks is running away with their score.

This has been your Laser broadcast, now back to your regularly scheduled programming
calciumkid1mon 14d
Alright I've been getting scores, and I want it to be known at this second right now.

Both members of cancerresearchuk.org have 6 wins and 9 losses
Are u rooting for us, brother
LaserVP1mon 13d
Alright this is gonna be a little complicated, but ozil and Moldy are both out so I'm gonna combine both teams (yachi/twinfawn)

What's gonna happen is that whoever gets the most points between The Beach Boys and got milk? gets to move on automatically and we are gonna put those two where they are.

Whichever one of them I have to move (so twinfawn if queen/loveless score lower or yachi if its charley/caroline) gets their score cut by 15%

And for the other ones who vegged hearts. Marry/kink probably won't get replaced because they both are on the same team. I know charley vegged hearts, but told me and I know they are staying.

As for mindful, I don't know what to do. If it gets worse, I might need to give ivana a little boost as well
LaserVP1mon 13d
In addition, if there are any more heart related issues after the ones I mentioned, I can't do anything about it.

The only exceptions I will make after this is if a person tells me they are quitting, and if they start vegging hearts I will have to ask.
MoodyGuy1mon 13d
I'm trying to clear my mind after I lost 5 games in a row the day before yesterday.
Jeff1mon 13d
I love my teammate
Jeff1mon 13d
I love you Shady <3 :)
LaserVP1mon 13d
So cool, I was checking the reports and I see not one, but two people in this tournament with harassment vios

I also have to stay true to my word

evo got a harassment vio, so they are on thin ice

and calciumkid got one as well, and I said I would kick him out if he got another one because of stuff he did right before. So I have to kick you out man. (It's on Page 4, the 15th post down)

I'm gonna give the same treatment as I did with twin/yachi and let ivana and moody team up if mindful doesn't start playing their hearts
Obe1mon 13d
why are noobs getting to move teams while im over here fighting a top 3 team lmao
LaserVP1mon 13d
why are noobs getting to move teams while im over here fighting a top 3 team lmao
You got a partner that is actually playing, some people don't.

Tell your partner to get site banned or something
Obe1mon 13d!
give us a round bye or some shit if we win
calciumkid1mon 13d
Wtf Im the only one who was tryna make this entertaining
calciumkid1mon 13d
Eric withdraw ur report u pu55y. God loves u man.
calciumkid1mon 13d
This was not a game related vio I am extremely remorseful please reinstate me, again I am extremely remorseful.
Disgust1mon 13d
ill pay someone 10$ via cashapp to throw against matt today


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If I told you the selection process was rigged would you believe me?