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LaserVP7mon 8d

Yes this is the same game as Transcend's Tag Team Tournament. If you want to see that discussion, the link is https://epicmafia.com/topic/93944.

Hello competitors and gamers alike. Matt, Shady and I are really excited to see how this tournament turns out, especially with the sudden growth of these tournament and competitive games.

Anyways, now that the bracket is setup we will be using this forum to discuss the competition and compose the statistics for the tournament.


  • Shax: Jeff and shady
  • 100% Alpha: YozZz and DiSoRiEnTeD
  • Team Mouths Sucks: Brendan and Transcend
  • Team VaginaOP: MonteCarrlo and youngman123

Dead, but not forgotten

  • evo
  • cooperation
  • Spadez
  • dia
  • charley
  • caroline
  • queen
  • loveless
  • twinfawn
  • Moldyches
  • yachi
  • Ozil
  • staypositivefriend
  • Disgust
  • marry
  • KinkajusRevenge
  • sake
  • D3XTr0m3th0rph4n
  • MoodyGuy
  • calciumkid
  • mindful
  • ivana
  • bruceweyne
  • Edark

Semi Finals Round Part 1: Round 812

  • Team Mouths Sucks (2162) vs. Team VaginaOP (1302)

Last updated: February 16th 4:15pm EST

We will also be keeping the scores and bracket updated using https://brackethq.com/b/92sb/

> Reminder: The Rules of the Tournament can be found on the original forum https://epicmafia.com/topic/93944

> There are also no refunds on your partner, but we will have fill-ins open just in case a spot opens up.

Will attempt to update scores at or near every heart reset

Reminder that if you get TWO violations in one round or THREE during the whole tournament period, then you be disqualified

Unlike last round, if something happens to your partner you are on your own. I gave the benefit of a doubt on the first couple of days of the first round.

BrendanFeb 15, 2020
bring back em live
DiSoRiEnTeDFeb 15, 2020
nah, I was going to self-ban for 2 days but I unbanned myself cuz i'm an addicted bltch
mattFeb 15, 2020

anyways laser wat da move
DiSoRiEnTeDFeb 15, 2020
Me and Yoz have basically gotten a freebie every round because of someone dropping out, etc. like wtf.
LaserVPFeb 16, 2020
I've either been busy or drunk this entire weekend and I'm sorry.

I'm gonna go with matt's idea to have this round be them vs. VaginaOP and have Jeff/shady vs Yozz/Diso next round. I would reset the round, but like now I promised people can compete again who really shouldn't if I do that.

Bold of me to assume people knew this was coming back. And giving a round off was probably, in hindsight, a bad idea.

Good luck
mattFeb 16, 2020
TranscendFeb 20, 2020!
W2G Anne on F2 and gold

Gl to diso yoz shady and jeff next round

Finals is assuredly gonna be a nail biter.
LaserVPFeb 21, 2020
Alright congrats to Transcend and Brendan for moving on to the final round.

I feel like I will get questions about how 3rd place is determined, and I think I would like it if there is a 3rd place battle alongside the finals in 2 rounds.

Anyways, reminders are going out to the other semi-finals round participants now, and I wish you guys good luck. I'll... try to be on top of things
LaserVPFeb 24, 2020
Well DiSo got caught cheating. So fun.

I'm not doing any team swaps or anything because this happened in a previous round.

So YoZ is on their own unless one of Jeff and Shady decide to stop playing their hearts or quit. Its technically still a battle and I like doing things for the purpose of keeping things interesting if I can reasonably get away with it.

Youngman and Monte do recieve 3rd Place automatically though
YozFeb 24, 2020
lone wolf
SonginFeb 24, 2020
lone wolf
Take the win
YozFeb 28, 2020
im going for the bronze
TranscendFeb 28, 2020
I'd be willing to give you third since ym123 and monte were already out lol
LaserVPMar 1, 2020
He's paying the tokens, so I ain't gonna argue
TranscendMar 1, 2020
Well it's actually just a poke (friend request required) for third place.
shadyMar 4, 2020
I’m not playing this round
TranscendMar 4, 2020
In that case I guess Brendan and I are the winners (unless Jeff gets a higher score than both of us combined) so......
MoodyGuyMar 4, 2020
Jeff go tryhard mode I believe you
LaserVPMar 4, 2020
I'm honestly just done with this myself. Anticlimatic for sure
TranscendMar 4, 2020
hey thanks for your help bud, are you declaring an official winner or not? i haven't given out any prizes fwiw


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