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LaserVP7mon 8d

Yes this is the same game as Transcend's Tag Team Tournament. If you want to see that discussion, the link is https://epicmafia.com/topic/93944.

Hello competitors and gamers alike. Matt, Shady and I are really excited to see how this tournament turns out, especially with the sudden growth of these tournament and competitive games.

Anyways, now that the bracket is setup we will be using this forum to discuss the competition and compose the statistics for the tournament.


  • Shax: Jeff and shady
  • 100% Alpha: YozZz and DiSoRiEnTeD
  • Team Mouths Sucks: Brendan and Transcend
  • Team VaginaOP: MonteCarrlo and youngman123

Dead, but not forgotten

  • evo
  • cooperation
  • Spadez
  • dia
  • charley
  • caroline
  • queen
  • loveless
  • twinfawn
  • Moldyches
  • yachi
  • Ozil
  • staypositivefriend
  • Disgust
  • marry
  • KinkajusRevenge
  • sake
  • D3XTr0m3th0rph4n
  • MoodyGuy
  • calciumkid
  • mindful
  • ivana
  • bruceweyne
  • Edark

Semi Finals Round Part 1: Round 812

  • Team Mouths Sucks (2162) vs. Team VaginaOP (1302)

Last updated: February 16th 4:15pm EST

We will also be keeping the scores and bracket updated using https://brackethq.com/b/92sb/

> Reminder: The Rules of the Tournament can be found on the original forum https://epicmafia.com/topic/93944

> There are also no refunds on your partner, but we will have fill-ins open just in case a spot opens up.

Will attempt to update scores at or near every heart reset

Reminder that if you get TWO violations in one round or THREE during the whole tournament period, then you be disqualified

Unlike last round, if something happens to your partner you are on your own. I gave the benefit of a doubt on the first couple of days of the first round.

DiSoRiEnTeDFeb 10, 2020
Alright, whenever this round starts, that's when we continue.

Good luck to everyone
Good luck
mattFeb 10, 2020
Hey guys we're back next round. Good luck!
mattFeb 10, 2020
Charley has been mia for awhile and her partner entirely quit lol
DiSoRiEnTeDFeb 10, 2020
Btw 3/4 teams remaining get prizes :-)
Prizes 😏😏
DiSoRiEnTeDFeb 10, 2020
Me and Yoz winning this, good luck 💯💯
LaserVPFeb 11, 2020
Charley told me to tell them when round started and I replaced caroline with youngman a bit earlier
mattFeb 11, 2020
Brother youngman
charleyFeb 11, 2020
i’m not mia! i’m just on vacation, but i’ll still play my 5 a day
LaserVPFeb 12, 2020
Alright and now we started
YoUrAsSiSgRaSsM8Feb 14, 2020
So far so good..
LaserVPFeb 14, 2020
Oh I almost forgot

Charley also quitted the competiton

So I'm just bringing the entire team of

Team VaginaOP (yes I'm bringing back MonteCarrlo)
mattFeb 14, 2020
Oh we have to try now lol
DiSoRiEnTeDFeb 14, 2020
Another gold incoming. :)
PincheFeb 15, 2020
PincheFeb 15, 2020
Well Shady and I drop out we didn’t know this was going again and already vegged 10 hearts together so...... yeah wish you sent a reminder that it started again. Congrats Diso Yoz on finals lmfao
PincheFeb 15, 2020
If y’all decide to host this again please reach out to people in DMs/Discord so they’re aware new rounds have started :)
YozFeb 15, 2020
meh.... if everyone is up for trying this again next round, jeff shady charley young trans brendan and me, im up for it
TranscendFeb 15, 2020
idea: this round is matt/anne vs. ym123/monte and then next round is jeff/shady vs. yoz/diso

please implement this rofl

either this or just move on
TranscendFeb 15, 2020
diso self banned tho so....

wat da move
calciumkidFeb 15, 2020
im the only logical winner here.


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If I told you the selection process was rigged would you believe me?