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LaserVP7mon 8d

Yes this is the same game as Transcend's Tag Team Tournament. If you want to see that discussion, the link is https://epicmafia.com/topic/93944.

Hello competitors and gamers alike. Matt, Shady and I are really excited to see how this tournament turns out, especially with the sudden growth of these tournament and competitive games.

Anyways, now that the bracket is setup we will be using this forum to discuss the competition and compose the statistics for the tournament.


  • Shax: Jeff and shady
  • 100% Alpha: YozZz and DiSoRiEnTeD
  • Team Mouths Sucks: Brendan and Transcend
  • Team VaginaOP: MonteCarrlo and youngman123

Dead, but not forgotten

  • evo
  • cooperation
  • Spadez
  • dia
  • charley
  • caroline
  • queen
  • loveless
  • twinfawn
  • Moldyches
  • yachi
  • Ozil
  • staypositivefriend
  • Disgust
  • marry
  • KinkajusRevenge
  • sake
  • D3XTr0m3th0rph4n
  • MoodyGuy
  • calciumkid
  • mindful
  • ivana
  • bruceweyne
  • Edark

Semi Finals Round Part 1: Round 812

  • Team Mouths Sucks (2162) vs. Team VaginaOP (1302)

Last updated: February 16th 4:15pm EST

We will also be keeping the scores and bracket updated using https://brackethq.com/b/92sb/

> Reminder: The Rules of the Tournament can be found on the original forum https://epicmafia.com/topic/93944

> There are also no refunds on your partner, but we will have fill-ins open just in case a spot opens up.

Will attempt to update scores at or near every heart reset

Reminder that if you get TWO violations in one round or THREE during the whole tournament period, then you be disqualified

Unlike last round, if something happens to your partner you are on your own. I gave the benefit of a doubt on the first couple of days of the first round.

LaserVPJan 29, 2020
Well we got one representative from each team, so I say that is enough for me to give a break for a round.
youngman123Jan 29, 2020!
GG was a good run Monte
charleyJan 29, 2020
ayyy we did it
charleyJan 29, 2020
ok yeah thanks for the break
YozJan 29, 2020
i was hyped to play next round :(
YozJan 29, 2020
my boy diso did all the work this one
carolineJan 29, 2020
Omg thank you for the break. EPICMAFIA had me going mad
carolineJan 29, 2020
Actually wtfffff we are against soda. I quit
DiSoRiEnTeDJan 29, 2020
my boy diso did all the work this one
You did all the work in the other round, ;)
shadyJan 31, 2020
Just to confirm, we’re not playing this round right
TranscendJan 31, 2020
we are not playing this round enjoy the break
carolineFeb 6, 2020
I have to quit. Due to personal reasons. I’m really sorry to Charley and laser. I’ve had stuff come up that i can’t play
TranscendFeb 6, 2020
So do we just advance to the finals rofl
TranscendFeb 6, 2020
Btw 3/4 teams remaining get prizes :-)
JeffFeb 6, 2020
no Charley gets SPF
TranscendFeb 6, 2020
Pls no
calciumkidFeb 6, 2020
Only I can be the logical person to step in in these troubling times for such a prestigious tournament. I was baptized im no longer a sinner.
LaserVPFeb 9, 2020
Oh man I havent been or here for 3 days

Yeah I'm gonna get on this
LaserVPFeb 9, 2020

youngman123 replaces caroline as of right now.

We start next round and I wish you all luck.
LaserVPFeb 10, 2020
Alright, whenever this round starts, that's when we continue.

Good luck to everyone


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