EM Cryptic Clues 348

KinkajusRevenge1mon 22d

Can you solve these Cryptic Clues whose answers are the names of EM users? The first person to PM me their guess to each clue individually will win that clue.

But what's a Cryptic Clue? It's like a riddle within a riddle. Look here for more help: http://www.sarahlolley.com/puzzle-tutorial.html

*I will put the name of the person who first answered correctly after each question as they come, but I will not reveal any answers until they are all claimed.

Some answers have spaces removed 18 and 2 don't, cuz I'm human and didn't remove it when making the crossword. 6's last letter got cut off. Just add another box. It has 18 letters.

voici the worksheet: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kwrXFbVXq0TSONqcszvF6wS1MlmFetL0/view?usp=sharing

List of clues:

  1. cheese sandwich eaten in France sir (14) croquemonsieur answered by davidlmao

  2. Pie made by an Italian friend (9) (counting the space) Pizza Pal answered by indigo

  3. A (p) (o) (r) (n) myth’s go relocated: not really a cat posing as an aquatic shellfish uses moth spoon without opening (12) GaryThompson answered by SteelixMega

  4. A triad of figures discovered by an immature fellow (11) Youngman123 answered by SteelixMega

  5. Peacemaker found mostly in llama and a northern China lake (9) DaliaLama answered by indigo

  6. Linger to the right of 0 with an associate (18) staypositivefriend answered by davidlmao

  7. Respiratory paralysis reconstructed gets nullified (8) the world may never know

  8. jersey team kickoff achieves ending (4) Jets answered by january

  9. If Apple was disorganized: ideal toppings with a chi taco (8) iChaotic answered by SteelixMega

  10. Adorable friends of sun baby begin televising tuba ending with lullabies (17) lovelyteletubbies answered by davidlmao

  11. Happy speaker: queer slayer killing liberty first (8) gaysayer answered by davidlmao

  12. Chilling excrement in firmament (6) Spooky answered by SteelixMega

  13. Lamb speaks, “Mary has me all jumbled up forgetting about me and the dawn of humanity” (6) the world may never know

  14. Sizable familial plum given by bicep hag (8) BigPeach answered by SteelixMega

  15. The beginning and the end of stud (4) dust answered by Ertugrul1

  16. Poet misses the end of a ballroom dance with a fragment of mania (11) WaltWhitman answered by SteelixMega

  17. Troupe trouper makes again a barricade (11) the world may never know

  18. All-inclusive beam blasphemes a spanish expression of a big movie company (17) (counting the space) UniversalStudios answered by Ertugrul1

  19. An expression when agitated once more removed (6) comeon answered by SteelixMega

  20. Singed hydroxide mixture (7) charley answered by david

  21. To surpass; gender changer result initially crummy (9) Transcend answered by davidlmao

  22. Professor requiring counting simply starts calculations (8) prcsmath answered by devin

  23. Breathtaking leaves of ash maple and sycamore let loose their prefixes (13) the world may never know

  24. sought death missing trauma center (8) Grimreap answered by david

  25. A psychic word wearing a woman’s accessory and lacy left out of an archaic expression of grief (7) kadabra answered by devin

david1mon 22d
i sent you 1 and 21
Spooky1mon 22d
I think davidlmao send 1 and 21
david1mon 22d
check your PMs i've sent you like 3 lmao
Sounds good =)
indigo1mon 22d
was one croquemonsieur lol
was one croquemonsieur lol
all answers will be revealed once all have been answered
indigo1mon 22d
how many letters is 11?
how many letters is 11?
11, soz
indigo1mon 22d
david1mon 22d
Ertugrul11mon 22d
is 18 UniversalStudios?
is 18 UniversalStudios?
pls pm any answers =)
david1mon 22d
proving to be tough, eh? ;)
devin1mon 20d
21's phrasing comes off transphobic btw
21's phrasing comes off transphobic btw
it's simply a riddle. no offense was intended.
GaryThompson1mon 20d
Cant believe I didnt make it onto this list. Heartbreaking :(
one day no activity? must bump thread!
EatsMice1mon 13d
Intriguing. I'm going to try my hand at this
david1mon 13d
Check pms


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