GaryThompson is a GT'ing alt174

Thirty14mon 4d

Final Update 1/29/20: GaryThompson, the gamethrower, has been site banned!


The following people need to be called out for stupidly thinking Gary wasn't GT'ing (I am missing many names):

  • Charley - admin
  • Michael - moderator
  • Songin - moderator
  • Eli - moderator
  • Meg - moderator
  • Jess - moderator
  • sinB - moderator
  • Ally - moderator
  • Domitian
  • Takotsubo
  • Yachi
  • Evo
  • Torreador
  • CisHetMale
  • Xhanthe
  • Ivana
  • MonteCarrlo
  • Dasein
  • Quelli

The History of GaryThompson

"my initials spelling gt is just a massive coincidence that is my actual name" - GaryThompson,


GaryThompson is a gamethrowing troll that purposefully antagonizes people and is looking to make his alignment lose. He very intelligently toes the line between appearing bad at the game and intentionally throwing games so as to not be vio'd.


He is confirmed to be the alternate account of a previously banned user.

"Tis lad is banned so adios till 3 months." - Spadez,

The Birth of GaryThompson

Our story starts nine months ago with the birth of a new account, GaryThompson. He intentionally shoots a townsperson into autoloss for his alignment. The moderator sees Gary's lack of games and assumes he is a noob, not looking into his alternate accounts. NO VIO.

The story continues very similarly for the next three months. He is no vio'd for reasons like "suboptimal," "no intention to lose," "leaving information out accidentally isn't a sin," and "being wrong isn't a sin."

The First Ban

After due diligence by a now deleted user after some investigative work, it is proposed for the first time Gary is a gt account. A smart moderator by the name of Spadez investigates the account and realizes it is an alt for a banned user. GaryThompson is banned for three months.

The Return After Ban #1

Gary returns about one month ago to EpicMafia and goes back to his gamethrowing ways. He toes the line between intentional and unintentional, knowing how the moderators handle reports on EM to evade any violations. The end goal is always to make his alignment lose. Users of all races and backgrounds catch on and continue to file reports against Gary.

Moderators continue to come to his rescue.

> "They explained their strategy below. No intent to lose the game either." - Neptune,

Another user catches on to his ways, this time in a comped game. The moderators once again give Gary the benefit of the doubt.

"I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt GaryThompson, you have an obligation when playing a comp setup to know how the roles work, and how they interact with eachother. You can't split votes with paralyzer." - VanityPrime,

These reports continue to be filed game after game, and moderators continue to say "bad gameplay is not gt."

SinB, an intelligent moderator after receiving yet another report about GaryThompson gamethrowing, goes into more depth a month ago about what he sees.

> I somewhat debated with myself for awhile now about this report and what is the best verdict given to GaryThompson. fuel I know you were upset with how GaryThompson was playing, but I ultimately decided to no vio this report for the following reasons. Nothing indicated that this user was trolling or game throwing by any means. Sure, they could have participated more on the second day, but overall, I didn't see where GaryThompson gt'd or trolled. I didn't see any instances where GaryThompson had to be reminded what his role or other roles do in this game. None of his lines indicated that. Him tabbing out and wasn't present to paralyze on pr wasn't intentionally gamethrowing, but I do agree that he should have put more focus during the games.And as much I don't really believe with what he said during night 4, I'm choosing to give him the benefit of the doubt here. And even then, it still isn't intentionally throwing in that game. I would discuss the other game reports, but I feel like the other moderators' explanations were sufficient enough. If you have more evidence of more games where GaryThompson gt'd or trolled in, please refile with game links. If this happens again in the future, please feel free to report it. While I did no vio this report, I'll be keeping an eye out for GaryThompson, in case something similar happens in the future, but for now, this report is being no vio'd. - SinB,

So, let me ask the community - what do you think?

JM123Jan 20, 2020
GT is innocent. what he does is pure art
ConnorMafiaJan 20, 2020
keep calling me granny see where it gets you, universal.

and Citadell i find your existence physically repulsive. dont think you can ask me a "simple question" after the harassment you've put me through in the past. thanks.
UniversalStudiosJan 20, 2020
If the mods had any integrity this would make them reevaluate how they're handling gamethrowing. They literally have no self respect letting a banned user make a gamethrowing alt and throw games for 3 months.
ThirtyJan 20, 2020!
They don't care, it's not like they're seriously running on comp, or if they are they avoid tables with him.
deletedJan 20, 2020
he was banned when we caught him bypassing a ban, as seen here

he was unbanned on his unban date
deletedJan 20, 2020
Thirty - GaryThompson's alts - shet ton of reports that confirm he is a GT'er

Somebody please tell me why this man was lobby banned until January 20, 2020 but was allowed to continue to play on GaryThompson. #emconspiracy
he was banned until january 2019 on that report, not 2020
deletedJan 20, 2020
GaryThompson literally fos'ed me because i refused to claim that i was GrannyPixel. Granny has confirmed that she has had problems with several of his alts in the past, so this is clear grudge. however, mods protected him and Alexandra told me that she knew who he was - why not give him a bypassing vio?
because he’s not a banned user
CitadelJan 20, 2020
after the harassment you've put me through in the past. thanks.
Someone give this man an award. It's hard to be that determined at trolling, JM got nothin' on this fella. True legend!
ConnorMafiaJan 20, 2020
after the harassment you've put me through in the past. thanks.
Someone give this man an award. It's hard to be that determined at trolling, JM got nothin' on this fella. True legend!
if im a troll why do you talk to me every chance you get? any time i venture onto forums you're there.
UniversalStudiosJan 20, 2020

It's okay for him to throw games because he wasn't a banned user when he was throwing games, my mistake.
CitadelJan 20, 2020
It's mostly because it truly brings me enjoyment.
ConnorMafiaJan 20, 2020
It's mostly because it truly brings me enjoyment.
harassing people? get a life lol
ThirtyJan 20, 2020
Truly mod material! Great example of our case!
BoeserJan 21, 2020
GaryThompson for president
deletedJan 21, 2020
I still find it completely hilarious how people like Grafmania and UniversalStudios recently got GT vios but I don't have any.
carolineJan 21, 2020
Gary would get reported for not accepting bride because he didn’t know he was supposed to and get no vio for it. Universal would get it bc he didn’t want to at all and get GT vio lol
ThirtyJan 21, 2020!
Gary is very clearly mocking the moderators and (lack of) moderation at this point. I find it funny but also very, very sad he got 1000 games in without any vios. Meanwhile the moderators fiercely defended him. Truly troublesome but I have to give kudos to him for making it painfully obvious how trash every moderator that handled his reports is, which I assume is most if not all of them.
KinkajusRevengeJan 21, 2020
denialJan 21, 2020
its simple

we ban the gamethrower
ThirtyJan 21, 2020
No you won't.
Is Gary a purposeful GT'ing troll?