Ocasionaly I like to stroll out of Main lobby into Sand box just to keep Tabs on the wider site Community. Every time i do however i am bombarded with posting of Sweat. Masculine sweat? It is really starting to Put me off coming here. I do not want to think about Sweat all that often. Pls stop thanks

appleDec 26, 2019
its very hot in my room, i cant help the sweating im sorry
emmaDec 26, 2019
deletedDec 27, 2019
the masculine sweat has no comparison. the feminine, compared to it, is skim milk to coffee. it is garbage. shit. the masculine sweat, in its glory, contains a human salt unmatched; masculine toxins at their finest and most decadent. it is a thing you will taste once, but remember forever. the feminine sweat? humbug. there is no taste. no texture. it may very well be well water. pristine and untouched - disgusting. give me flavor. give me personality. give me man sweat.
HelloImDenisMay 20, 2020