its my freakin birthday24

verumbark14mon 9d

i am now a legal adult. do not be gross. send pet photos and well wishes

its been a wild ride epicmafia..... when i came to you i was but a 14 year old child who did not know what they are doing. now i am 18. thank u all for watching me grow up and also for all the brain damage youve given me over the years

deletedDec 26, 2019
feisty..... gimme ur discord .....
havent used discord in like 2 yrs so i made one.. honey#6761
ShoopieDec 26, 2019
happy freaking birthday. Please be able to receive stickers ffs
RunescapeFan2037Dec 26, 2019
also not to be a contrarian but do yall still have grudges against me for fights i got into 3 years ago? really???
Who did You get into fight with and Why ?
ObitoSigmaDec 26, 2019
I just had a dream last night with us playing volleyball except we were on the same team and we won I think (not sure if the game even ended).


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how long have you guys known me anyway

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to wish me a happy birthday :)
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