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Hello welcome to my thread. Idk why I made this. I will probably post really dorky things in here so be warned. Everyone is welcome to post here, also if you want a compliment you can ask for one and I will give u one but if I don't know you it may be a randomly generated compliment. Um, what else... uncropped avis have rights. Oh and here are some emojis.

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As well as compliments you may also ask for an emoji and I will give u one that I think represents you.

Lastly you can AMA about what being 6'8 is like but only 1x per person. Ok that's all I can think of sorry I'm new at this.

joqizaAug 31, 2020
Iโ€™m healthy generally and I have energy again. I donโ€™t remember all that much from treatment but I remember by my 4th cycle I was really struggling with fatigue. Like I would get waves of exhaustion to the point where I couldnโ€™t even sit up in bed, I would just be lying there staring at the ceiling fan feeling dog tired. It would feel like my body was expending energy just trying to circulate blood. And if I sat down on the floor Iโ€™d need someoneโ€™s help to get up. Now I can go for walks around the lake by my apt that are miles long and I feel great. I could probably start going on jogs again once the weather gets nicer. Iโ€™m not running any marathons any time soon but Iโ€™m working back to it lol. My neuropathy has gotten a lot better too, which is something they werenโ€™t sure was ever going to improve. I still get occasional pins and needles, but there are days that go by where I donโ€™t even think about it. I am young and healthy and for the most part I am no worse for wear. I am so fortunate and so grateful to my family and to my oncologist. I donโ€™t know how to express the feeling I get sometimes. I always loved the Odyssey in school and when I put a narrative on my life I always saw myself as the archetypal wind-swept, storm-ridden hero whose ships are capsized and who is subjected to the whim of the gods but who perseveres. I have faced challenges I never imagined after leaving college and embarking on my own but I am still here. I am still kicking, Iโ€™m strong and resilient and I am still lashed to the raft. I feel deeply fortunate. Not everyone gets a chance to look back and feel that theyโ€™ve become stronger. I am fortunate for that, and I am grateful.
joqiza1mon 13d
feeling frustrated today cuz my credit score just took a massive f/ucking hit. one of my medical bills from last year got sent to a collections agency. frustratingly, it looks like i actually paid the original bill, i guess something got mixed up on their processing side and they ended up sending it to collections anyway. maybe that's good and they can remove it idk. i guess i'll find out more when i can call them on monday.

someone actually warned me when i started treatment to be really pro-active and vigilant about this kind of stuff, and i did try my best, but i guess this one slipped through the cracks. just sucks because i have worked on my credit for a couple years now and with one stupid bill i had no idea existed it got absolutely gutted.
joqiza1mon 13d
in general the whole medical system is such a nightmare. a highlight:

the night i got diagnosed back in spring of 2019, i had to take an ambulance to the ER. in-network hospital, in-network doctors, all in-network etc. etc.. not a false alarm, they literally found a 10cm tumor in my chess. hit my out-of-pocket max in one night.

then a few months later they try to hit me with an extra $2000 bill because apparently the f/ucking ambulance was out-of-network.

the ambulance. as in, the ambulance i called 911 for and literally did not choose for my entirely valid medical need. something to do with the contract between the ambulance and the hospital idfk.

my insurance did end up covering that one in the end when i spoke to them about it. just the gall of it pisses me off.
joqiza1mon 13d
here's one i didn't win:

after surgery, in johns hopkins. i am literally under the influence because they are giving me fentanyl for the pain. a nurse comes around with a clipboard, saying they can discharge me earlier if i agree to get some at-home nurse visit thing and sign the clipboard.

i ask three times if they're gonna charge me if i sign the clipboard. they say no each time. they tell me it's free since i already hit my out-of-pocket max. i sign the clipboard.

i should have f/ucking known. $300 bill. nursing service was out-of-network lmao.

honestly i just paid that one, wasn't worth fighting and the service itself was good so i probably would've paid for it if i'd even been given the option. just the fact that i was given such incorrect information and coerced into it while i was not in a sober state of mind.
galaxies1mon 13d
i'm so sorry that happened joq (glad you're well now and hopefully you can successful fight the recent collections!)

the healthcare system is honestly the biggest scam and ambulances are always the #1 thing that really people up financially. like what else is a person who needs a vehicle to get to the hospital supposed to do?
honey1mon 13d
i have heard of people getting mistakes from companies that report to credit bureaus fixed before i think you'll have to contact the place reporting to the credit agencies to get them to fix it but it should be fixable so i hope you're not too stressed about it although it's sooooo dumb it had such an impact

it's insane the cost and hoops you have to jump through in this country to get medical treatment and i'm sorry you had to go through that
Object1mon 13d
Credit bureaus and medical insurance. Two of the most broken systems in modern civilization working together to ruin your day. Wishing you luck in getting the mistake corrected.

Reading your posts from February.. I think we "beat" the deeply unfair things that happen to us to the extent we manage to marginalize their impact on our lives, to not let them define us or force us to tear up the plans we had.

I think you really did beat up cancer Joe because your posts about this are oozing with inner strength and it sounds like you're doing a good job of getting past it all.
joqiza1mon 13d
thank you guys. your words are kind, and they mean a lot to me, truly.
emsychum1mon 13d
today i watched a tik tok that was a pov walking around as someone who was 6'8" and i felt like i was flying. made me think of you. for many reasons.
joqiza1mon 12d
got good news.. called the place today about the bill and they were legit just like "oh k our bad" and they said it should be removed from my credit report in 30 to 60 days... so here I was making a big fuss over (hopefully) nothing ๐Ÿ˜” it did feel good to vent a bit here ngl
Artic1mon 12d
thank god, that sounded so stressful