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The Hosts

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SBVivor 5: The Serengeti


For our fifth season, Sandbox Survivor is heading to yet another unique and new location! Traveling from the frigid boundaries in Greenland, to the wide open plains of Tanzania. Welcome to The Serengeti! It is here that a brand new batch of contestants will fight for the chance to outlast the others and claim the title of Sole Survivor! Do you have what it takes to survive the harsh wildlife and live to see Day 39? Or will you fall prey to your enemies and be left for dead?

Applications are now OPEN for NEW PLAYER ONLY and will close on January 21st.

The season is anticipated to start on February 1st.

The Game

This will be played over a period of 2 months, and will be run on Discord. The challenges will also be different from what you usually see on EpicMafia, including flash games, endurance, creativity, etc.


ogwamDec 27, 2019
hi xfire
banimeDec 27, 2019
hi xfire
XFireDec 28, 2019
hi xfire
ReadyForBreadyDec 28, 2019
hi xfire
XFireDec 30, 2019
justinDec 31, 2019
hi xfire
XFireJan 1, 2020
hi xfire
XFireJan 4, 2020
XFireJan 10, 2020
XFireJan 17, 2020
Last 4 days. APPLY!
ogwamJan 23, 2020
hi xfire
noshiJan 30, 2020
hi xfire
doozeJan 31, 2020


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