Role Battles - Round 59

XFire14mon 13d


What you base your vote on is completely up to you; maybe you enjoy playing that role more, maybe you are a fan of the design behind it, or maybe you just really love the role icon. Regardless of your criteria, click the link below and let's find out the ultimate sandbox role!

If there are 20+ votes by 5 days I'll end the voting then but the otherwise ultimate deadline is in 7 days.

filkoDec 20, 2019
granny deserved better
ogwamDec 20, 2019
spaceDec 20, 2019
Bride is such a good role RIP
XFireDec 21, 2019
XFireDec 24, 2019
XFireDec 25, 2019
more votes tysm
emmaDec 25, 2019
GyroGearlooseDec 25, 2019
did i vote i cant remember
XFireDec 25, 2019
you did not
Most Robbed of R4?

This is so sad

Love lost
2 signed