a food thread47

croquemadame3mon 25d

cooking is my passion. i'll post food pics here whenever i make something

here are my burgers (one is turkey and one is beef)




deletedJan 2, 2020
i made salmon with sauce bechamel and stir-fried baby carrots, potatoes and broccoli in olive oil and garlic, it was v good

are those crocs i see?
croquemadameJan 3, 2020!
Homemade pizza from scratch, with sausage, bellpeppers, mozzarella, parmesan, proven├žale sauce, and parisian mushrooms as toppings

croquemadameJan 3, 2020
thinking of making an orange caramel cheesecake next week :thinking:
BecomeclearJan 3, 2020
cool minus the shrooms
croquemadameJan 3, 2020
smh, mushroom haters....
deletedJan 3, 2020
thinking of making you my girlfriend next week :thinking:
deletedJan 3, 2020
MEANT to post this from the correct account am too tired to exist
ObeJan 4, 2020!
croq convinced me to try cooking and helped me make this. its my first time really cooking anything but rice :D THANKS CROQ
croquemonsieurJan 4, 2020
we love it!
piscesJan 4, 2020
thats so wholesome i love it

also it looks good as heck!!
croquemadameJan 5, 2020!
A scrumptious Sunday apple pie =)

and of course, the slice with the perfect scoop of vanilla ice cream!

MonteCarrloJan 5, 2020
so sexy
croquemadameJan 5, 2020
Nothing sexier than some pie

source: American Pie
croquemadameJan 5, 2020
i'm thinking of making a triple berry pie with vodka in the crust next week, stay tuned!
nicoleyrenaaJan 5, 2020
croque u precious bean
davidJan 6, 2020
how many tokens for a piece of that
croquemadameJan 6, 2020
how many tokens for a piece of that
For business inquiries, please send an email to [email protected]
MonteCarrloJan 7, 2020
croquemadameJan 7, 2020
food is the only faithful thing in the world
MonteCarrloJan 9, 2020