Tomorrow, my girlfriend and I are going to try to make some kielbasa (with potatoes and peppers) but we feel like we need something else to go with it on the side.

Which sides go well with it?

croquemadame1mon 7d
Mashed potatoes

This is a good looking kielbasa dish example btw
That looks very good
illuminati1mon 6d
She's having a meaty sausage for lunch dinner and dessert
illuminati1mon 6d!
That said, cauliflower in any form (really just smoked or mashed) is super safe.
DkKoba1mon 6d

This is a good looking kielbasa dish example btw
I'm polish and what in the name of jan pawel 2 is that abomination
We ended up making a spicy rice with it. Very delicious
Spooky1mon 5d
aquarius1mon 5d
Coleslaw if you like it, or cooked cabbage. Or sauerkraut.
Soluciones1mon 5d
that looks delicious
poser1mon 4d
rice is what i was gonna say tbh rice is so good