Santa's little secret66

Alyssa14mon 29d

Hey everyone!

I will use a random number generator to give everyone a joke "secret santa" target. I will PM you the name, and you will PM me back one image to give to that user as a gift. Feel free to be as simplistic or as crazy as you want to be. (Obviously nothing that breaks the rules)

After I get all the gifts, I will post each image here with the user it is for, as sort of a gift unraveling. You can then guess who gave what gift to who! (More on that later).

ReamixDec 23, 2019
Thank you Psy for the awesome photo!!! i love tht f*cked up cupcake so much
ObitoSigmaDec 23, 2019
No, steph, thank you. It's my desktop photo now.
doozeDec 23, 2019
omg eadin <3
SLTFATFDec 24, 2019
ty banime for the birbs
spaceDec 24, 2019
LMFAO artic I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN ty I love my gift
ReamixDec 24, 2019
No, steph, thank you. It's my desktop photo now.
im so happy you like it!


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