documentary recommendations25

mindful6mon 7d

what are your recommendations?

here's some of mine, this is in order (quality content)

don't f**ck with cats hunting an internet killer

the devil next door

making a murderer

three identical strangers

the imposter


amanda knox

fyre (watch both versions on netflix and hulu)

killer inside: the mind of aaron hernandez

roll red roll

do not watch because they're either bad or too draggy:

the keepers

evil genius

tell me who i am (their story is actually interesting but it lacks details and they repeat things sooo many times, ugh. watch this if you don't mind)

warmJan 26, 2020
nvm i saw you already recommended it. great minds think alike
emilyJan 26, 2020

i dont like these b*tches
i don't either i tuned out the moment they came on screen choke on a cactus

i also started bikram: yogi, guru, predator
BrendanJan 26, 2020
American Vandal
lilinJan 26, 2020