documentary recommendations13

mindful15d 10h

what are your recommendations?

here's some of mine:

the devil next door

making a murderer

three identical strangers

the imposter

amanda knox

fyre (watch both versions on netflix and hulu)


do not watch because they're either bad or too draggy:

the keepers

evil genius

tell me who i am (their story is actually interesting but it lacks details and they repeat things sooo many times, ugh. watch this if you don't mind)

Adam curtis docs are great. Memeish but great. Watch hypernormalisation.
RepAOC15d 4h
Apollo 11 from this year is a MUST SEE. large format, never before seen footage. theres no real narration, no interviews, it's basically just the audio of the mission and whatnot. it is so captivating and breathtaking.
Skathi15d 4h
Blackfish is great.
honey15d 3h
Game Changers-it’s on netflix
mindful6d 22h
Oh yeah, I forgot about blackfish. Adding that to my list! I'm currently watching the staircase, I'm on episode 8 rn and jesus christ, it's heavily biased
emily6d 21h
dear zachary
long shot was ok
behind the curve
the great hack -- i haven't finished it but it's interesting so i will eventually, doesn't seem bad
knock down the house
the inventor - our for blood in silicon valley
mummy dead and dearest

roll red roll or whatever is terrible don't watch it
emily6d 21h
out for blood not our i hate being mobile and not being able to edit
ConnorMafia3d 15h
watched none.
mindful2d 20h
I'm watching first episode of Broken and, it's about the makeup. Buying cheap/counterfeit makeup can literally ruin your health.
mindful2d 20h
It's on Netflix
NCR2d 18h
I enjoyed Roll Red Roll on netflix - it shared a real good message and held some twists with anonymous getting involved
NCR2d 18h
Also I thought the Devil Next Door was good too.

If you like murderish doco's the confession tapes is really interesting. Mainly about how people confessed to a crime 'they didnt' commit!
NCR2d 18h
dark tourist - is a fun one. About a kiwi guy who travels around the world and does 'dark' touristy things. Light hearted as but it is cool to see what people will pay to do