Croque Xmas Giveaway41

croquemonsieur17d 49m

Sooo since I am feeling the holiday joy even though I don't even celebrate Christmas, I was thinking of spreading some good vibes here!

I am going to open up a lil writing competition, no don't worry I won't ask you to write a novel, just a nice paragraph about the site, who you appreciate here, a shoutout to people you like, anything positive you can think of, just make it genuine :)

The prizes are: 3rd place - a Discord Nitro subscription OR tokens, you pick 2nd place - a $25 Amazon gift card 1st place - a $50 Amazon gift card and a short novel based on you as a main character (I'm quite the writer so don't say you only want the gift card)

Everyone else will get small consolation prizes in the form of a DM with a short holiday poem customized for them :)

Happy holidays!!!

Pop14d 6h
Despite one being a failed actor and the other being jay