Can't join games18

No message about still being in a game but I get sent back to the lobby whenever I try to join open games or review old ones. I've tried joining games in both main lobby and sandbox, and to my knowledge I'm not banned from either of them.

Neptune24d 4h
I checked what I could. You aren't banned, suspended, or in any current tables. I would recommend clearing your cookies and cache, then relogging to see if it works.
It didn't work, but thanks for helping me rule it out! Maybe the site thinks I'm too good at mafia to be allowed to play haha
Spadez24d 2h
I've come across a similar glitch. Although I don't have a permanent solution yet, a temporary one I found was using the refresh button in the lobby page.

Doesn't work either. I've tried creating games too but they kick me once they've been made.
Spadez23d 3h
Perhaps using incognito mode or a different browser would help.
Firefox and Chrome with incognito don't work. Hopefully the bug just goes away on its own in a couple of days.
Neptune22d 1h
I can force you to logout, maybe it's a bad login from you
I'd be glad if you could try that!
Neptune20d 20h
I'd be glad if you could try that!
Done! Hopefully this helps
Still can't join any. I'm going to try on my laptop tonight when I have time.
Neptune20d 3h
Unfortunately there's not much else I can do moderation-end to help you, but I can reconfirm that you are not banned/suspended in any way or fashion.

I will agree with you that it's likely something to do with your browser or computer.
Doesn't work on my laptop, either. I'll try a friend's wifi next time I'm at someone's house.
Neptune19d 2h
Just to confirm, you being kicked without any message, correct?
Yes. It says it's loading and then it goes back to the lobby. Like if you're trying to join a game when you're already in one, but without the error message.
this has been happening to me. i leave a game, join another one and if i leave to go back i cant reenter the games ive joined.
I can review games now! I can't join them, but I can look through old ones at least.
I made an alternate account to test (papermache), and I can join games on it. Something must be bugged with my account. Am I okay to just use the alt instead for the time being?
Neptune2d 23h
There is no problem with that.