i bought a fish51

wink10mon 16d

so i bought my first freshwater fish today, he is a koi betta and his name is mars

this will be my update thread for him as i try to become a more experienced fish owner

(also any advice on betta care is much appreciated)

winkApr 28, 2020
Let's plan the mentor systrm reserruction
i did it dad
winkJun 16, 2020
i regret to inform the public that mars went to the big bowl in the sky over the weekend

i was unable to move his tank over to my new apartment until this week, so he'd been staying in my old house for a few days. during this time, mars started getting ich (a parasite common in fish) and it wasn't until he'd gotten very lethargic and weak that we started to notice the white spots on his skin.

he got worse very quickly, over the course of a few days. i did some research and ordered some medicine to treat the tank with but it did not come in time.

this was my first experience with an ich infection, and i had no idea what to look for before this. i know that every tank eventually has this issue, but i wish i'd pinpointed it sooner.

im definitely not giving up on bettas, because they are incredibly beautiful fish and having mars was a beyond joy. i love this hobby and i tried my very best to give him the world. i am treating the tank he was in, and once im confident i have it stabilized i will try again.

rest easy, little guy
MisterPresidentJun 16, 2020
I am so sorry about ur fish. RIP.

I must say, though, that cavetown fking rocks.
mssbookIoverJun 16, 2020
i agree with mp

so sorry for your loss. i am sure he loved u dearly
SinBJun 16, 2020
I am sorry for your loss. :( However I am glad that you're not giving up on them.
wink1mon 26d!
hi my friends,

so the apartment is still an in progress project; we still need to unpack some boxes and i don't feel its right we get a tank up and running until we can devote time and energy into it. i got rid of the ich-infested tank just to be safe and once we're ready we'll set up a new 10 gallon (and a quarantine tank because i really wish i had that for mars the first go around.)


we found a little ladybug on our side patio door. the way he wobbles around is so cute and he decided to chill on my finger for a while so i decided to try and keep him.

i set up a tupperware enclosure for him with leaves, dirt, a damp piece of paper towel, wet raisins, and a slice of banana. hes been in there for about 12 hours now and he seems to be doing well.

after doing research on how to care for him i realized he is a spotless ladybird beetle and not a true ladybug, but we love him all the same.

his name is jeffrey and he is our son.
Spooky1mon 26d
wink1mon 26d

i let jeffrey out of his bin and he was chilling on my hand but then he flew away

this was like two hours ago and i still can’t find him

come home jeffy
wink1mon 25d
update 2:

i found him on my water bottle, but i decided he would be happier back in the wild. maybe he has a family. maybe he was in the middle of going grocery shopping. it didn't seem fair to keep him from his little beetle life so we let him go.

my baby has left the nest. goodbye jeffrey
wink1mon 25d!
why must all my children leave me
mssbookIover1mon 25d
i am sad i felt emotionally attached to jeffrey


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