list funny epicmafia bugs here203

hima14mon 14d

ok so we all know lucid cant code worth a damn and because of that the game ended up with some terrible and honestly legendary bugs

list your favorite ones here with a brief description and whether lucid fixed it or not, and we will add it to our collection with a thank you to the person who suggested it

update: because of the amount of bugs this game has, i have to make a bin, but ill add new entries to it as we go. read it here:

this post will list the names of all the bugs we currently have logged. click the pastebin to read about them!

game-related bugs listed in pastebin:




chandler candles

spurned lover

failed robo-resurrection

broken vote-kick

asso gun bugs (cause theres like 10 of them)

sore loser

headless cult

free buffet

lazy cupid

mimicking third party


lazy bomb

hard-partying jailer

lost in the sauce

unlucky lyncher


double guiser

baby driver

double maf impostor

long will



double mafia double guiser deluxe



bad acting

maid/mimic 2: electric boogaloo



mimic/party host/mason

selective blindness

lonely mutineer


long live the king


hunter/don standoff

bumbling sidekick






eternal stalemate

non game-related bugs included in the pastebin:


why is this even allowed

haunted by the past

the consequences of bad font choices

idek what to call this one

filkoMar 10, 2020!
Alright I think I found a way to do this but we need 7 8 players to try it.

Basically we're trying to end up with a game where nobody can vote during the day and there are no night actions.

Roles are: 2 3 trees, 1 enchantress, 1 cthulhu, 1 maid, 1 sniper, 1 terrorist

everyone outs roles

trees: tree
ench:gives crystal to thulhu

-D2- Can't vote: trees, ench. Can vote: thulhu, maid, sniper, terrorist

maid: maids ench
thulhu picks someone in their crystal meeting
terrorist kills new ench (was maid) to prevent meteor - This is going to happen on either N2 or N3, just to prevent meteor from ending the game.

-D3- Can't vote: trees, maid. Can vote: thulhu, sniper, terrorist

maid: maids sniper

-D4- Can't vote: trees, sniper. Can vote: cthulhu, maid, terrorist
sniper shoots thulhu
terrorist blows up maid
this should result in the day ending immediately as all roles who can vote are dead

should also end immediately as there are no night actions left

If you notice any possible optimizations let me know. To test this we're gonna need 7 8 people or a bunch of alts.

Edit: added another tree because game would have ended if terrorist killed enchantress
Conclusion: day's dont instantly end even if nobody can vote and there's no other day actions. Sad
reziMar 12, 2020
if theres no sidekick in the game, supervillain functions as normal, but if there is one, supervillain is given a "sidekick meeting" with their nemesis
filkoMar 20, 2020!
trickster items are kinda buggy
it's easiest to track with knives because when you knife someone it immediately tells everyone whether or not the knife was fabbed, i'm not sure if the other trickster items are also bugged

so in a game where multiple trickster items are handed out per night (gambler/trickster setups), all knives will either be real or fake, no in between

5 fail, 0 succeed
3 fail, 0 succeed
no knives
1 fail, 0 succeed
3 fail, 0 succeed

5 fail, 0 succeed
0 fail, 3 succeed
(this game had a granny, not sure if relevant)
8 fail, 0 succeed
3 fail, 0 succeed
LeChuckApr 15, 2020
town can't lynch if king dies of voodoo
VolleyApr 15, 2020
random option on chess isnt random. ur always black and the opponent is always white
OprahApr 18, 2020
Despite being slated that celeb is immune to tailor, celeb can be tailored and will pop up as its suited role. Proof:
IceBearApr 18, 2020
town can't lynch if king dies to a gun
nocashApr 18, 2020
The kings voting rights dont get revoked until the next day out of respect.
TreeApr 18, 2020
fun fact: when werewolf was first added, no matter if you were able to guess correctly, the system would read it as eating wrong and you would be naked.

also when fab was first added, they didn't count towards the mafia total when outnumbering town. i.e. i remember one game there was 4 people left 2 of which were fabs, 2 town and the game was still going. also i remember constantly saying how there shouldve been a role which gave out fake items with no credit ;-;

the last one is when veg bombing was a thing, when if you were getting lynched and kicks were happening you could sui and make everyone who voted you veg.
luis4rodApr 23, 2020!
Sheriff shot medusa, I amn'd medusa and was able to crumble the sheriff who doesn't visit lel
aGirlNeighborApr 23, 2020
gambler just making people veg because they are soulless people, but when I try it won't work
KikkoteXApr 25, 2020
gambler just making people veg because they are soulless people, but when I try it won't work
because you are slowwwwww
filkoMay 14, 2020

3rd party royale setup with non-unique roles, 2 maf teams. there should be a red and black maf but this game had 2 black poisoners. i'm assuming this is some kind of bug related to double maf with non-unique maf roles? I don't know.
filkoMay 26, 2020 (day 2)

Hunter gets lynched, don overrides lynch before hunter can choose target -> don overrides onto tinkerer, hunter targets don

Result: both the don and the tinkerer die and the hunter gets the tinkerer's gun.
yoyoyorlozerMay 26, 2020
Apparently if a 3rd gets mimicked (probably maided too) sidekick still retains a meeting with only the original 3rd, but no longer wins with the original 3rd. I got mimicked as Lover and my sidekick did not have a meeting with the new Lover, but the sidekick did not win even though I won as town with the person I loved still alive, so both my original win condition and my new town win condition were fulfilled.
LeEpicHMay 27, 2020
if guiser guises someone and then vegs than the guiser will appear in the graveyard (as a guiser) and the person they guised as will appear in the village
himaJun 7, 2020
bumping this so people can update it with any cool bugs they find! ill update the pastebin eventually LMAO
SerraJun 7, 2020
oh yeah the one i posted in the other thread qualifies. i don't have a clue how it happened but martyr on yak, angel on martyr, both save and... there are no longer any players listed in the game lmao.
aGirlNeighborJun 10, 2020
Bride bug: if the person proposed to dies during the day, they can reject the proposal for that day
LeEpicHJun 11, 2020
bride bug: if the bride marries a disguised disguiser, the person that they are guising as, who is in the graveyard, can accept or decline the marrage

lyncher bug?: if the lyncher is lynched at the same time as their target is on a troublemaker day, the lyncher doesnt win
whats funniest abt em?