list funny epicmafia bugs here188

hima10mon 20d

ok so we all know lucid cant code worth a damn and because of that the game ended up with some terrible and honestly legendary bugs

list your favorite ones here with a brief description and whether lucid fixed it or not, and we will add it to our collection with a thank you to the person who suggested it

update: because of the sheer amount of bugs this game has, i have to make a pastebin, but ill add new entries to it as we go. u can read it here:

this post will list the names of all the bugs we currently have logged. click the pastebin to read more about them!

game-related bugs listed in pastebin:




chandler candles

spurned lover

failed robo-resurrection

broken vote-kick

asso gun bugs (cause theres like 10 of them)

sore loser

headless cult

free buffet

lazy cupid

mimicking third party


lazy bomb

hard-partying jailer


unlucky lyncher


double guiser

baby driver

double maf impostor

long will



double mafia double guiser deluxe



bad acting

maid/mimic 2: electric boogaloo



mimic/party host/mason

selective blindness

lonely mutineer


long live the king


hunter/don standoff

bumbling sidekick





non game-related bugs included in the pastebin:


why is this even allowed

haunted by the past

the consequences of bad font choices


I was angel on supervillain and they were supervillain on me. They lived to the end of the game and we both won. Which given the wincon of supervillain really shouldn't happen.
ShoopieDec 27, 2019
Shwartz99Dec 27, 2019
uh is rihanna ok should i call for help
doozeDec 30, 2019
Queenbee + Priest = day after getting honeyed, priest gets two of the same d2 messages
(no report of queen bee visit)
doozeDec 30, 2019
if ur blinded and die ur still blinded from beyond the grave
spaceDec 31, 2019
oh this happened a few nights ago if you mimic party host on the same night you get masoned, you get the mason suit but you're still party host. you don't attend mason meetings and you can still host a party
doozeJan 1, 2020
If you're blinded on troublemaker day, you can see the second lynch
reziJan 2, 2020
if yak yaks and butterfly dies the same night, the yakked person retains their original role but appears to themself as a nilla
reziJan 2, 2020
gator gating the person theyre cheffed with puts the gated person in jail and the gator in limbo unable to interact with either event
ShoopieJan 4, 2020

Game played by the ghosts of EM's past
reziJan 5, 2020
gunslinger can avoid a fabbed gun and in its place gets a real gun
himaJan 6, 2020
gunslinger can avoid a fabbed gun and in its place gets a real gun
this ones actually not a bug; since the role is designed to steal a gun targeted against itself 80% of the time, this also includes fabbed guns, which are usually coded as "(player 1) shoots (player 1)!" instead of "(player 1) shoots a fabbed gun at (player 2), but hits themselves instead"

the coding isnt great, but the role IS technically following its intended purpose, even if its sort of overpowered in the end result. so i wouldnt count this as a bug personally
FuransuJan 7, 2020

turns out if two maids maid the same person, they both get the role!
shaiiFeb 15, 2020
idk if this is there yet maid maids anarch and bomb explodes on anarch reveals them but they’re still maid
FuransuFeb 20, 2020
probably not a bug but its funny BRO you can yak your own mafia partners when there's an mm i got nerfed
shaiiMar 8, 2020

honestly i don't know what happened cause i self diabbed artic and then i died instantly in the night and when i review game i can't go past n2 so i don't think it's a bug if it's most likely only showing for me but i just wanted 2 log it here
nocashMar 8, 2020

I like how when mutineer is the last hostile the game still makes you wait until after kicks to progress. I'm guessing because nobody is voting in the mafia meeting despite there being one.
nautaMar 9, 2020
if youre priest or dreamer and possibly cop and there's a gambler in game, after his meeting, you get your report in the night, and then another report in the morning
LeChuckMar 9, 2020!
if youre priest or dreamer and possibly cop and there's a gambler in game, after his meeting, you get your report in the night, and then another report in the morning
not cop. Only passive roles trigger - dreamer, priest, trickster, forager..
filkoMar 10, 2020!
{message too long}
Alright I think I found a way to do this but we need 7 8 players to try it.

Basically we're trying to end up with a game where nobody can vote during the day and there are no night actions.

Roles are: 2 3 trees, 1 enchantress, 1 cthulhu, 1 maid, 1 sniper, 1 terrorist

everyone outs roles

trees: tree
ench:gives crystal to thulhu

-D2- Can't vote: trees, ench. Can vote: thulhu, maid, sniper, terrorist

maid: maids ench
thulhu picks someone in their crystal meeting
terrorist kills new ench (was maid) to prevent meteor - This is going to happen on either N2 or N3, just to prevent meteor from ending the game.

-D3- Can't vote: trees, maid. Can vote: thulhu, sniper, terrorist

maid: maids sniper

-D4- Can't vote: trees, sniper. Can vote: cthulhu, maid, terrorist
sniper shoots thulhu
terrorist blows up maid
this should result in the day ending immediately as all roles who can vote are dead

should also end immediately as there are no night actions left

If you notice any possible optimizations let me know. To test this we're gonna need 7 8 people or a bunch of alts.

Edit: added another tree because game would have ended if terrorist killed enchantress
whats funniest abt em?