list funny epicmafia bugs here196

hima11mon 22d

ok so we all know lucid cant code worth a damn and because of that the game ended up with some terrible and honestly legendary bugs

list your favorite ones here with a brief description and whether lucid fixed it or not, and we will add it to our collection with a thank you to the person who suggested it

update: because of the amount of bugs this game has, i have to make a bin, but ill add new entries to it as we go. read it here:

this post will list the names of all the bugs we currently have logged. click the pastebin to read about them!

game-related bugs listed in pastebin:




chandler candles

spurned lover

failed robo-resurrection

broken vote-kick

asso gun bugs (cause theres like 10 of them)

sore loser

headless cult

free buffet

lazy cupid

mimicking third party


lazy bomb

hard-partying jailer

lost in the sauce

unlucky lyncher


double guiser

baby driver

double maf impostor

long will



double mafia double guiser deluxe



bad acting

maid/mimic 2: electric boogaloo



mimic/party host/mason

selective blindness

lonely mutineer


long live the king


hunter/don standoff

bumbling sidekick






eternal stalemate

non game-related bugs included in the pastebin:


why is this even allowed

haunted by the past

the consequences of bad font choices

idek what to call this one

filkoNov 10, 2019
lucid is trying to censor us
himaNov 10, 2019!
update: its bc of the post length. i may have to make a pastebin
TheBlindKingNov 11, 2019
If guiser proposes to a guised person, the guised person (in the graveyard) can reject or accept the proposal.
AlyssaNov 11, 2019
update: its bc of the post length. i may have to make a pastebin
You’ll have to make a master pastebin of pastebins to list all the bugs this game has
doozeNov 11, 2019!
if (live) toreador visits amne then amne turns into tore
doozeNov 11, 2019
also shout out to hima for finding that in the first place kinda
HibikiNov 11, 2019
there's a bug in the game where if a moderator posts an epicmafia user's full address they stay a moderator
filkoNov 11, 2019
bro dont leave us hanging here who's the mod? i love drama. come on bro, im close...
himaNov 11, 2019
bro dont leave us hanging here who's the mod? i love drama. come on bro, im close...
i already told u, its eli
filkoNov 11, 2019
apologies fellas, i have failed nnn
awesomeyetdangerousNov 11, 2019
there's this weird bug where you don't autolose as fool if you claim virgin, not sure why it hasn't been fixed yet
himaNov 11, 2019
anyway this thread is about sexy and fun game bugs and site bugs, please continue talking about what a creepy f*ck eli is in the appropriate threads (which have been linked above for ur convenience)

keep contributing new bugs as u find them!
spaceNov 11, 2019
we found the cure to maid:

if you maid the mimic on a night where they mimic, the mimic functions as normal but you become a second mimic and maid role disappears.
filkoNov 11, 2019!
This is semi-related but I've been thinking about how it would be possible to make a setup where you could reach a point where there are no day/night actions and no votes just to see what would happen (probably just meteor).

Basically you would need something like 2 or 3 trees, a cthulhu, a terrorist and a role that meets the following criteria:
-Has a night meeting that counts as a visit
-The night meeting can only be performed once
-Doesn't permanently have a day action
-Blocks a town win.

Day start to figure out who is who, after that the trees would all become a tree, the other role visits the thulhu so they can't vote anymore, the terrorist NK's and blows up the thulhu d2.
The game wouldn't end since the other role blocks a town win, and there are no more night actions, day actions or votes since all trees have treed and the other role is thulhu'd

I'm just not sure if there's a role that matches all the criteria listed above. Any ideas? Or maybe there's a different way that I haven't thought of.

Edit: Maybe a Cthulhu and an old maid can maid back and forth so they both end up thulhu'd, and then the thulhu just blocks the town from winning
bkubNov 11, 2019
martyr protects against gun on target
deletedNov 12, 2019
that is not a glitch that is very much what it's supposed to do
bkubNov 12, 2019
that is not a glitch that is very much what it's supposed to do
bro i made the role i sure hope i would know what its supposed to do lol
bkubNov 12, 2019
martyr doesnt die from poison and can heal it too
bkubNov 12, 2019
martyr doesnt instantly die when martyr'ing someone else is the bug. martyr dies later iirc but wont ACTUALLY take the bullet right then and there
viewNov 12, 2019
something else happened then because i've had my martyr sacrifice work properly on gun
whats funniest abt em?