list funny epicmafia bugs here147

hima7mon 27d

ok so we all know lucid cant code worth a damn and because of that the game ended up with some terrible and honestly legendary bugs

list your favorite ones here with a brief description and whether lucid fixed it or not, and we will add it to our collection with a thank you to the person who suggested it

update: because of the sheer amount of bugs this game has, i have to make a pastebin, but ill add new entries to it as we go. u can read it here:

this post will list the names of all the bugs we currently have logged. click the pastebin to read more about them!

game-related bugs listed in pastebin:




chandler candles

spurned lover

failed robo-resurrection

broken vote-kick

asso gun bugs (cause theres like 10 of them)

sore loser

headless cult

free buffet

lazy cupid

mimicking third party


lazy bomb

hard-partying jailer


unlucky lyncher


double guiser

baby driver

double maf impostor

long will



double mafia double guiser deluxe



bad acting

maid/mimic 2: electric boogaloo

non game-related bugs included in the pastebin:


why is this even allowed

haunted by the past

the consequences of bad font choices

hima23d 6h
Bride bug: if the person proposed to dies during the day, they can reject the proposal for that day
bride bug: if the bride marries a disguised disguiser, the person that they are guising as, who is in the graveyard, can accept or decline the marrage
both of these are already in the pastebin; the dead rejecting marriage proposals is called "spurned lover" and the guiser one is just called "bride/guiser"
LeEpicH23d 5h
LeEpicH16d 2h!
ok so if tracker or scout track a jailer who has jailed then they visit the person they jailed, but if they track a jailer who hasnt jailed then the jailer will appear to visit undefined, and this counts as a visit
Pqche14d 4h
If butler gets their shot during the day they break the game :D
For the one person who included butler in their 12p setup, you are the connection between humans and concrete.
LeEpicH8d 5h
ninja alerts lm
hikineet7d 23h
Sheriff shot medusa, I amn'd medusa and was able to crumble the sheriff who doesn't visit lel
you'd think we'd all be used to lucid's bullshŃ–t code by now but this one is testing my will to exist
LeEpicH6d 23h
gambler can gamble and kill when balled
whats funniest abt em?