Thread of Truth83

Arcbell26d 20h

Yet another post-to-be-rated thread, but this time you decide what you want to be rated on. In other words, tell me how you want to be objectified, and I will objectify you.

Expect a sincere, brutally honest rating. No matter how you choose to be rated, I will use a low resolution 1-5 scale with descriptions, and highlight the one which applies to you.

If I don't know you well enough, have no fear, I will still judge you. Just provide something along with your post I can use to base my opinion on.

I should be able to accommodate most choices, highly specific or general. Just don't expect me to do too much work. I'm not trawling through your game history to tell you how good a mafia player you are, or reading your whole thesis.

Ominoire4d 19h
I don't know who you are.
That's fair, even when we've met 23 other times.
Arcbell4d 19h
Who is your main?
thecolonel4d 19h!
that feel when your friend rob chooses not to extend felicitations


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