Fix veg abuse0

Can lucid fix vegged games, especially those where it was clear which side is winning? Like... turn unranked games ranked with some admin tools? Can lucid do this?

This is the most flawed feature on this site. You play a game, spend a long time trying to win the game, then a random person vegs and all your efforts have gone in vein. The vegging player will be at most concerned about the sui point in their pie when the other 6-9 players are frustrated with the wasted time.

GRS are really low. Games can go hours and GRS can ruin them. The GRS'er can get an hour vio in the moment they are not active and when they log back - the vio is gone. And they can GRS again with clear account after 3 months. The GRS'er come out more satisfied than players who didn't get a guaranteed win.

And... win or veg scenarios. Example:

  • JM nilla, char blue, luis blue, emily oracle.
  • JM claims blue.
  • It's mylo, emily has to lead.
  • emily votes, says oven is on fire and goes away never coming back.
    • emily can't be lynched.
    • if NL, emily vegs tonight and game goes unranked.
    • if char is lynched, emily vegs tonight and game goes unranked.
    • if luis is lynched, emily vegs tonight and game goes unranked.
    • if JM is lynched, town wins.
  • no scenario where mafia wins.
    • emily can come back during the night after ml but why give the whole town a loss if she can take a sui?

There are games where you prefer to lynch a certain mafia role for town autowin. But what if the baiting mafia forces to get lynched under pain of veg? Example:

  • jimmaster nilla, Linke hooker, Edark blue, ivana blacksmith betmen celeb.
  • jimmaster claims blacksmith, Linke claims blue.
  • It's lylo and blacksmith is not confirmed due to getting hooked.
  • betmen thinks about lynching in blues and vest-testing.
  • jimmaster votes cc and magically gets disconnected.
    • NL'ing or lynching betmen is not accepted by the town.
    • If Edark is lynched, mafia wins.
    • If Linke is lynched, jimmaster vegs tonight. If jimmaster was active, the game would turn into town autowin with vest-testing.
    • If ivana is lynched, mafia wins.
    • If jimmaster is lynched, games proceeds normally.
  • In conclusion, town is forced to lynch in BS and forget about vest-testing. betmen takes possibility that jimmaster can be town and lynching him loses the game. The chance of town winning is halved.

In games with gunned town, if there's AFK, town can shoot in active players and if the game goes townsided, they can afford to KL the AFK. Chances are that the AFK is scum, which might happen especially on day start setups with sheriff/deputy. If the game is scumsided, town proceeds the game on letting the AFK veg.

Fix vegs, those can be abused for imbalance in balanced setups.

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