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Psy10mon 17d

hey! To help with lobby activity I was considering a tournament, hosted by me and justin, with the top 3 prizes being a trophy on your profile. The games would be 1v1 matchups with the games being best out of 3. The games would be logged in a Discord chat for the tourney, and both participants would need to schedule the game and finalize it in the chat. This thread is just to see how many people are willing to join and commit to it, so post below if you are!

EDIT: the server for the tourney is set up! make sure to read all of the info and rules when you join.


justinNov 8, 2019
cute thread
SinBNov 8, 2019!
i agree with the trash king. this is a cute thread.
megNov 8, 2019
deletedNov 8, 2019
mainoids need not apply
jacobkrinNov 9, 2019
Shwartz99Nov 15, 2019
it would be cool if each round of the tournament was a different 1v1 game
eadinNov 15, 2019
im down and dirty
eadinNov 15, 2019
mainoids need not apply
silence sinb is an important part of games lobby history
TragicHeroNov 15, 2019
FuransuNov 18, 2019
give me a trophy
Shwartz99Jan 6, 2020
whatever happened to this
PsyJan 9, 2020
well only 10 people signed the petition and the minimum needed is 16. i can finish setting up the discord and ping everyone when we have enough if that's a better alternative.
Shwartz99Jan 9, 2020!
dont let the mainoids play, games lobby is strictly a sandbox penile p­enal colony

edit: apparently p­enal is censored but penile isnt
xtalJan 15, 2020
let me innnn
PsyJan 16, 2020
the server is set up! here's the link
which games would u like to see in the tourney

sign below

if u would join
18 signed