Epicmafia Family Feud9

ISamEI12d 21h


I'm interested in hosting an Epicmafia Family Feud, where two "families" guess popular responses to various survey questions. Right now I just need to collect data, so I would appreciate it if you filled out this form if you are interested in seeing this happening (or just are feeling clever). https://forms.gle/Y49BChK2J6ET12fd8

cabblorp12d 19h
those questions are hard :/
ISamEI12d 19h
: / feel free to suggest qs
Chicago12d 18h
done! Almost put aliens for the last one but then i saw it said 'think' and not 'know'
i put in answers
NCR12d 7h
Completed answers :3 or most of them
aquarius12d 7h
good luck, let me know if you need any advice on hosting
benny12d 7h
filled out the form :p
meg12d 6h
fun questions
ISamEI12d 5h
ay thank you