Unlike in Friends,1

space6mon 27d

the role of Chandler is utterly useless.

I tested both aspects of the role in the game linked below: https://epicmafia.com/game/7168987

Neither function worked. There are notes from me in the graveyard, as well as notes from the players in the game, but to summarize:

  1. Chandler has two functions. A person with a candle should be able to see in the daylight. A person who ignites their candle should be able to see who visits them at night.
  2. During dark day, two people had candles. They could not see. They both ignited the candles. They still could not see during dark day.
  3. During the night after candles were ignited, a visit was made to one of the players who had ignited their candle. They did not receive a visit report.

Chandler is bork. Help him or Monica will file for a divorce.

SheffreyNov 8, 2019
or just delete the role


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