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deleted6mon 21d

it has come to my attention that we must unite and overcome our differences. we must protest against the establishment known as the moderators(sods) of epicmafia and rebel. i come to you during these tough tims, asking that u stand with me and sonseray together to fight the corruption. our plan is simple, in 24 hours we will all post our johnsons if they do not meet our demands.

@soderators the cards are on the table, its ur move.

our demands.

  1. demod eli
  2. free lilin and ian
  3. unban the jews(not yhwh tho as noted by rutab)
  4. anything else posted in the comments
  5. free lumos!
deletedNov 7, 2019
cease account
stdbrainNov 8, 2019
this is the gayest thing ive seen in my life
KawaiiNov 8, 2019
> demod eli
> unban ian

uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. very contradictory


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