My Bus12

Smile14d 4h

OK NY transportation is the worse. They make me pay more for poor service??? Oh my goodness...anyways this thread was made to spread some positivity and love to everyone and I'd be more than happy to chit chat. How is everyone doing? :3

Becomeclear13d 19h
F„uck you
if u think your so good then maybe YOU shold be a bus driver ok then maybe u wont be so quick to say there rubbish at there jobs
Smile13d 13h
both v rude but it's OK I hope you two have an excellent day c:
luis4rod13d 12h
Smile is my maf partner, get them.
Smile13d 12h
Wasn't me, I swear. *whistles*
MonteCarrlo13d 12h
take Uber
Smile13d 12h
take Uber
I was so close to doing it, but then the prices were ridiculous. I scrolled a bit further down, you know...just to see and for a "Luxury SUV" it was 100 USD. I wonder how luxurious a "luxury SUV" is.
they give you fancy water and don't talk to you unless you ask them, it is good if you are rich
NYC better than the rest of USA
When I was in nyc a few weeks ago I found the subway to be a really great mode of transportation. I'd never taken a subway before so I was pleasantly surprised

And at least where I took it there weren't many weirdos and it wasn't too dirty, so it surpassed my expectations
numb9d 7h
the key is to not make eye contact with the weirdos. just stare at your phone or out the window or anywhere but at them
Smile9d 4h
Trains are reliable, but busses are always I mess. I understand it, tbh. So much traffic. I always pretend like I'm on my phone listen to REALLY loud music.