Giveaway V3 !!66

leb3mon 16d

hi hello, it's me leb..again.

It's that time that i do another giveaway. Now this time i'll be hosting it for one month. It's come to my attention that some people were too late to post on the last one, so i'll be holding it for longer. You have to be able to comment on the forum to enter.

ALSO: i'm looking for someone to help me, if anyone is interested in helping me keep track of names and making the forum please lmk

RULES: Simply comment that you would like to enter and how many times. Max times is 3. You can only enter on one account. For example: "I would like to enter this giveaway, i want to enter 3 times." Any nonsense comments will be discarded and not taken seriously.

PRIZES: There will be 4(four) winners. Prizes include but may be subject to change : - Tokens - 3 letter username - Gift card - Discord Nitro

SO, yeah that's like, good luck and i'll post results in about a month. Please like, comment and subscribe ty

Obe1mon 28d
leb: ill give prizes soon
mouth: calls out leb
leb: how dare u call me out
Moldyches1mon 28d
I'd like to enter this give away 2 times
youngman1231mon 27d
enter 3 times pls
Obe1mon 16d
this is a reminder that leb ran a fake giveaway
Aquafina1mon 16d
maybe his financial state changed so drastically that he's unable to do the giveaway now or else he would not have enough money to buy the food he needs to raise his family.
Milton12341mon 16d!
participants: "leb who won your giveaway? it's been almost a month since it ended and you still haven't announced it yet!"

leb: "did we ask? didn't know you were lebphobic."
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