Giga131mon 12h

Does anybody here play Dominion? I play IRL and on (I have a gold subscription so that I can play with every expansion).

I think this game is a lot of fun and would love to play with people from here. Let me know if you want to play, or send me a friend request on (my username there is Giga13). Post your username here and I'll add you

Or shoot me a message on discord @ Giga#8372 (include your name in the friend request or message so I know who you are)

devin26d 7h
giga play with me
Sure, are you available around 12PM EST Monday as well?
no i work night shift so i sleep in the day
Giga1323d 14h!
Giga set a time and date so we can play
Sure, you're 6h ahead of me so it'd have to be an afternoon for me someday, how about Monday at 12PM EST (6PM your time)
Do you still want to play at this time today? Post here to LMK. I'm down to do this a bit later today if you want, I'm tired and am probably gonna nap after I get home from class at 11am lol. But I'll wait to nap if you wanna play. Lmk.
Edark23d 13h!
Uhhhh lets do it tommorow instead.
Edark23d 13h
Or actually I have my midterms next week so probably wont have time untill after it :(
Giga1323d 12h
Aw ok, np. Good luck bud
Alyssa23d 3h
Dominion was good until Prosperity made it too unbalanced
Alyssa23d 3h
Jokes but wow I haven't played since Hinterlands, all physical. Would be fun to hop in sometime but >me with schedules
Giga1322d 10h
I entered Season 36 on, will see how it goes lol
Alyssa14d 2h
good luck!
Giga1314d 44m
Giga1314d 30m
Anyone wanna play before I go to bed?
Do you or have you ever played Dominion?