someone needs to email Philip Wang472

Shivv1mon 17d

and tell him to delete this site. delete the 10000 lines of code. it's over, there's no fun here anymoer

mulan1mon 17d
kelly was in a game last night but i couldnt play w her :(
hikineet1mon 17d
bigpock was blister #2
Cirno1mon 16d
hello cirno how's life
be careful its not me lol
Cirno1mon 16d
also yah sorry dude i accidentally deleted your discord tag from my friends list and i have no clue what your tag is now
Spooky1mon 16d
1 day 4 hours and we are at 24 pages

Not bad kids
vilden22d 18h!
back on topic i hope the administrators are making preparations to close down this site
you were never good at predictions, never forget you bet actual money on the 2016 U.S. electino
team vet faps to this thread every night
Derfel3d 5h!
i would do anything to have him post with us again
What would you do, exactly?
Giga133d 4h
Ayy Derfel wb
Derfel3d 3h
zookunft3d 2h
would you let him fist you
Shivv we all know the reason you want to shut down the site is because user williamhill vanished as he was about to make his meteoric rise to the top.