The True Tier list86

Edark1mon 10d

Since I'm going to start playing this game a bit more often I'll make a proper tier list with people I play with. I don't care of their performance outside of the games we play together, this is mostly for me to remember Good Players. I rate a player on a few qualities, such as how dominant they are ingame (hard to lynch/easily leads town), scumhunting, town telling etc.

S(The best): Starfire/Ravenn, Recidivism, Staypositivefriendd

A(Excellent):char, Mouths, Anne

B(Very good): Poser, dumfuk, Waza, Meg

C(Good): Ilario, Essa, Sammmyyy, Melancholia, Dalaillama, Dia, Loveless,GardeningPapa

D(Above Average): Ncraw, Helenpoops, Polarsloth, Realest, Rutab, Linke, Ivana, D3x, Persimmon

E: The rest(Keep in mind I haven't played a lot so far, so don't know how good most players are so far)


Hit-or-Miss(For truly wild players who can GT one game and go 3/3 in the next): Shrub(When on point easily A player), Mucs1337

For-Fun-Players(For players that are fun to play with, regardless if you win or lose): Jimmaster, Devante, Lumos

Totally-Not-Cheating: Yachi, Burgers, Lumos

Soluciones25d 7h
im the best player ever
Edark12d 14h
Linke12d 13h
It appears you put me in the wrong one silly goose !
Linke12d 13h
also add wuchang to S tier
add steelixmega
Fird12d 9h
add me bro