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Alyssa15mon 22d

Hello everyone! Below is a link to the new Official Sandbox Server. Come check it out!

When joining please PM me or any of the sandbox mods(Jacobkrin, Emma or dooze) with your discord info to be verified!

spartaaaaOct 11, 2019
We need to build a wall against anime, also this is a good discord!
XFireOct 11, 2019
Don't believe her lies, there is an anime channel and it's DANGEROUSLY active
AlyssaOct 11, 2019
You fool, I made it to contain all the talk in one place
AlyssaOct 11, 2019
This way the purge of weebs will be all the easier
XFireOct 11, 2019
AlyssaOct 11, 2019
Phillip D. Wang
Shwartz99Oct 11, 2019
i heard lucid watches anime occasionally
spaceOct 11, 2019
accEPT me
AlyssaOct 13, 2019
emmaOct 13, 2019
please join!
filkoOct 13, 2019!
dont join, the horrible discord mods refuse to add the glorious groovy bot
filkoOct 13, 2019
I take it back the discord mods are very cool especially emma!!
AlyssaNov 15, 2019
AlyssaDec 2, 2019
2 days until we meet in Ms Richards room!
AlyssaMar 1, 2020
Bump :)
AnderKuMar 3, 2020
please let me into da server thanks
deletedMar 3, 2020
do not join this server it is a trap. if you join this server they will [information redacted]. i have known at least a dozen people who have [information redacted] by the admins of this server. be warned

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