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MisterPresidentOct 9, 2019
Gunless mafia is definitely more intense and stimulating, but I think people like guns because it's easier to try less and easy fun
ObeOct 9, 2019
its not even fun its mindless and mafia just spends there entire time appealing to the sheriff. they don't have to worry about anyone else scumreading them.
MisterPresidentOct 9, 2019
RecidivismOct 10, 2019
RecidivismOct 11, 2019!
SolucionesOct 12, 2019
hows the sheriff bs setup not played more
SolucionesOct 12, 2019
SolucionesOct 12, 2019
join the game pls
RecidivismOct 16, 2019 please fill the stupid game, i have a job and im having a hard time finding time to play my hearts
ManDontCareOct 16, 2019
Don’t pause the round nobody cheated
JayElVeeOct 16, 2019
the problem with setups without guns is aint nobody got time for that shit. Like who wants to sit there for 1 hour at a decent table to lose when you can get the same result 4 times in the same amount of time.
JayElVeeOct 16, 2019
besides that its the fact that the only people that play these "scumhunt" setups just abuse meta in any way they can or do the old. " I just like to play with the same group of 6 friends EVERY round I decide to run in cause I cant run without beating these same 4-6 people any given round"
ManDontCareOct 17, 2019
Which one of you bozo mods decided the round should be paused
ManDontCareOct 17, 2019
Yall gonna make me go back to the old me
ManDontCareOct 17, 2019
How the fuk none of you pick romance on the poll?
poopyboyOct 18, 2019
even pausing the round didnt make the round thread go past 2 pages
deletedOct 18, 2019
dead site?
What's your favorite movie genre?