EM Anagram Challenge31

SteelixMega16d 17h

Okay so the way this works is there are new/old users who have their names scrambled within different categories. The goal is to find the EpicMafia username hidden in those anagrams, each separated by category of word. There is one answer in each category that is built with other category answers, and can be rearranged to the name of an EpicMafia user.

For example: SteelixMega (answer)

Category 1. Art Tool

Brush, Canvas, Pen, Easel, Pallette

Category 2. Verb

Get, Bring, Have, Desire, Want

Category 3. DJing

Audio, Sample, Track, Effects, Mix

If you take the words Easel, Get, and Mix, and rearrange those letters, you get the EpicMafia user SteelixMega, the answer.

Example number 2:

Category 1: Chemistry

atom, ion, chemical, proton

Category 2: Hawaii

lei, luau, pineapple, hula

I can have Lei be used to rearrange the letters of the name of EM user Eli, but that is stemming from only one category, so wrong answer.

The answer lies in both categories, so here, ion and lei can be used to make the name of em user Lionei (my alt)

Now for the challenge problems:

Number 1: 14 letters

Category 1. Similar Terms

Switch, Reverse, Change, Alternate, Edit, Replace, Sub

Category 2. Stinging Animals

Bees, Wasps, Ants, Scorpions, Jellyfish


Category 1. Weapon

Gun, Knife, Dagger, Sword, Mace, Blade

Category 2. Emotion

Love, Anxiety, Pain, Disgust, Sorrow, Upset, Joy

Category 3. Kitchen Items

Utensil, Pan, Ingredient, Fork, Spatula

Number 3: 9-12 letters

Category 1: EM Users

matt, Jeff, char, Spadez, Gulag, johnreid, SinB

Category 2: Age Group

baby, toddler, kiddy, adolescent, adult, senior, elder

Number 4: 16-20 letters

Category 1: Region

Asia, Africa, America, Europe, Australia, MiddleEast

Category 2: Cooking Method

Fry, Sear, Saute, Bake, Stew, BBQ, Brine, Boil

Category 3: People

Woman, Man, Child, Human, Person, Incel

Category 4: Idk Just Choose One

Make, Made, Male, Mane, Mate

Number 5: 14-18 letters

Category 1: Similar Words

Touch, Grab, Rub, Feel, Finger, Massage, Grapple

Category 2: 3-D Geometric Figures

Cube, Cone, Cylinder, Prism, Pyramid

Category 3: Cartoon Network Character

Ed, Edd, Eddy, Nigel, Hoagie, Kuki, Wallabee, Abigail

Category 4: Countries and Islands

Fiji, Laos, Korea, Guam, Hawaii

Number 6: 11-16 letters (ANSWER RESTRUCTURING MY MULAN)

Category 1: Types of Fruits

Nut, Berry, Seed, Citrus, Drupes, Legume

Category 2: Sales Terms

Buy, Sell, Rent, Mortgage, Pay, Fee, Foreclose

Category 3: Flooring

Vinyl, Tile, Rug, Carpet, Deck, Laminate, Wooden

Number 7: 7-11 letters

Category 1: Sauce

Mayo, Bleu, Ranch, Buffalo, Italian, Hot, Relish, Mustard

Category 2: Band

Marching, Rubber, Aid, Rock, Camp, Brace, ITB

More to be added soon. I will give a point to everyone who gets an answer.

Users can range from any time range, but mostly modern. Not all of them are famous.

it is an older user.
If you want to make this a lot more user friendly, you could add the EM names from all categories in a list scrambled so one can at least have something to start from
okay but i can literally just take one of the names listed, go onto wordsmith.com/anagrammer and enter it in and find it.
Giga135d 8h
This is a cool idea but they're really hard lol
callam5d 3h
is #3 grannypixel or w/e
is #3 grannypixel or w/e
no. there isn't even the letter x
Idea: think about usernames and then see their anagrams
mulan3d 12h
Steelix, people here have completely different sets of usernames that they would easily recognize, making this challenge extremely difficult with just a human brain.

unless they just so happen to think of the same people you do when they think 'EM users'
ye this is impossible like im pretty good w usernames so i wrote a list of 10 current and past em players. used poe from the least commonly used letter that appears in their 9-20 character long usernames

no dice, and im not gonna try more
mulan3d 12h
jk i tried one more

restructuring 13 letters

mulan3d 12h
gardeningpapa 13

mulan3d 12h
oh and btw its none of

fruitoftheloom 14
apeescaper 10
alexandra 9
misterpresident 15
d3x 16
staypositivefrined 18
cantankerous 12
recidivism 10
apsychologist 13
yeezuswest 10
nice one mulan.


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Should we do more of these?