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Disclaimer: This is a long content. But this is a guide for those who want to read and learn. I'd be grateful if you omit any comments of it being another wall of text, because it obviously is a wall of text and everybody knows it. Instead, I'd appreciate some constructive criticism regarding roles I'm describing, not how I describe it.

As I barely play EpicMafia nowadays, I think I can reveal my secrets of how I play with certain roles which I assume as the most optimal play. I will share overall mechanic I know about those roles as well as strategies about how to play with and against them.

I will publish posts with strategy of each role that I practiced in ranked and competitive games. OP space is not enough to fit them all.

I'll skip 3 roles whose playing is so obvious that most users know how to play them better than me: villager (blue), mafia (nilla) and cop.

A few tips you might not have known, which is included here:

  • Doctor should soft having saved townread over real save.
  • Hooker is the best to cc vigilante.
  • Tracker can track for visits other than the kill that might be valid information.
  • Janitor is best played with unusual strategies.
  • Bomb can be used by mafia to get rid of the scummiest member without giving a ml for town.
  • Stalker is the easiest to claim any investigative town role.
PatrykSzczescieOct 21, 2019
Janitor (part VII)

Jan awareness: If death message is replaced with missing information, janitor has just used the ability. Knowing when janitor jan'd might be essential for town in some setups so it's worth to pay attention when you see this specific system message especially in non-reveal setups or when someone naked dies, as it's the only factor that makes you aware of janning. There are some pr that can be aware whether the targeted person is janitor or not. In most setups there's 1 janitor and upon janning, the janitor has to visit the kill, so roles that prove their targets as non-visiting (such as tracker, caroler or comedian) may clear them of being a potential janitor. Tracker seeing visits on alive can also exclude the janitor unless the visit is guised. Journalist can confirm whether the checked person is janitor or not when janning occuries. Pr capable of roleblocking (such as drunk, nurse or jailer) might be aware that their target is not the janitor who jan'd the kill and when there's no janning, the target is most likely the janitor, but be aware - the janitor may choose not to jan the target so roleblocking can only confirm when jan occuries. All this information is most useful when the remaining mafia is janitor. Watcher on jan'd person will always have the janitor included in the report unless disguiser was watched.
PatrykSzczescieOct 21, 2019
Janitor (part VIII)

No-janning occuriences: In janitor setups, you may happen to witness someone dying when janitor didn't clean when was supposed to. It could be caused by roleblocking or bodyguard dying when trying to save target that was about to be jan'd. It could also happen when the janitor didn't use the clear opportunity to jan the kill. The reason could be either that the janitor doesn't know that the kill should be followed by janning or thinks that non-janning would work better against town. In the latter case, town usually gets fooled and wastes the opportunity to turn the situation for their advantage, scumhunting in their old way, the way mafia expects them to do. The most optimal play would be not to hardclaim and just claim pr if the pr doesn't get any useful info by hardclaiming. For example, deputy usually hardclaiming to confirm gun in janitor setups, may decide to hide among pr's to protect more powerful roles while making an anonymous shot outside pr claims. Although janitor is able to jan tonight, clearing a pr doesn't hide a role that town can determine by getting the remaining claims. Even if pr is cc'd, you may decide not to hardclaim either, lynch outside and let janitor use the ability as you'll be aware if pr is jan'd or not. Even if town might not know what the exact pr role got jan'd, it's better for mafia to unintentionally clean less useful pr role, ending up cc'ing pr regardless of what was jan'd, than claiming who is what guaranteeing maf to get the most optimal kill.
TorreadorOct 22, 2019!
I have a few things to say about the janitor as well :

When a janitor is in play, there is often a decision to make for town when janitor dies : Does his death clear the other pr claims, or not?

The logic is the following :
1) The usual/optimal strategy is for janitor to claim, therefore town expects pr claims to be either pr or janitor. Once janitor dies, pr claims are more likely to be legit.

2) Having clears is a bad situation for mafia, therefore the usual counterplay is to have sometimes the mafia partners claim pr in janitor's place. Janitor would then signal the partners the jan result, and the partner would claim.

3) This is the n°1 mafia counterplay, therefore it's also expected from town. Town is therefore actively looking for "jan codes" in the beginning of the game, to intercept the mafia. And once someone dies as janitor, most players would look back at his early game to determine if his messages indicate a code, and if the pr reports are actually helping town or if they can help mafia have a cover story for a d2 or d3 win.

A way for mafia to defeat that is to go one step beyond and to make sure their other mafia claim in a way they can't be associated with janitor, in hope of being tr'd once janitor dies.

For example, planning n1 that the partner (usually nilla for expendablity reasons) claims PR serves two purposes : If a blue is janned, then the nilla is ccing a real pr who's still alive. Nilla dying would throw doubt on the town pr, because why would nilla cc? And if a pr is janned, then the nilla is unccd. The nilla's job would then be to get his janitor killed as soon as possible in order to "clear" himself, and carry his way to an easy win.
TorreadorOct 22, 2019!
Another way is to have the janitor code with a silence, which is until now more an illusionist strategy than a janitor strategy. If the janitor's silence isn't suspicious (Janitor is expected to be present early d1) then a partner can claim PR can use the cover of "claiming before janitor spoke" to seem more real.

This strategies indicated here seem powerful at first, but they carry high risk : If you cannot throw doubt on the PR claims for some reason (such as a journalist and cop confirming each other) then town is usually able to unravel the unconventional strategy mafia played, and once they do the scumreading becomes much easier. And if you have a partner blind cc a random PR, they don't have the information the janitor has and are more likely to be unlucky, for example ccing the wrong pr or claiming in a situation where staying quiet would have been better.

Janitor has a mechanical constraint : everyone knows he was visiting the night someone was cleaned. This can help town get more information in setups where visiting is important, such as the presence of a tracker, caroler, loudmouth for example. The janitor claiming an impossible situation (claiming to be caroled by a partner, for example) can lead to a double lynch if town notices the contradiction. Mafia should consider whether their strategy can be contradicted by basic game mechanics before doing it.

As a whole I think the janitor is one of the most powerful scum-sided roles, because they have not only an optimal way to play which is decent as a stand-alone, but they also have varying degrees of unconventional plays, with associated risks. A good player should evaluate the table he plays at and to use different strategies to not be predictable, and janitor is one of the best roles to do that.
PatrykSzczescieNov 17, 2019!

Overall mechanic: Bomb upon death explodes by killing all attackers (i.e. killer and nilla). In case of maf meeting, only the leading maf is exposed to kill. Bomb can survive by being saved or vested, still killing attackers when attacked. The attackers can also be saved or vested, surviving bomb explosion. Ninja and gramps can't die by explosion.

Parity of players: When bomb is attacked, usually there are 2 people dead: bomb and attacker. Which means that after lynch on lylo when bomb is killed, it's mylo. After lynch on mylo, bomb kill means mislynch. Other pr roles might make some exceptions.

Playing with bomb: The gameplay differs depending if there's one bomb or more bombs.

One bomb: Unless there are other dangerous for maf pr, don't out as bomb if mafia can sacrifice without giving a mislynch (when there's even number of living players), obvious scum for clear bomb is a bad trade. Always lynch, otherwise you might lose a potential mislynch. Safe bomb lead and optimal NL'ing only with 1 maf left when you find it as a good play. If bomb happens to claim and there's bomb cc, lynch in bombs.

More bombs: To lynch or not to lynch, vulnerable pr outing or not - work it out yourself. It's usually good to lynch, taking priority on those scum who can kill bombs without dying. As gunsmith with only bombs it's always good to gun, especially gunning the last mafia with only bombs remaining when the bombs know who you're gunning.

Protecting someone: If bomb is clear, save the bomb unless bomb dying with scum gives a mislynch then save outside. If scum dies, you most likely saved bomb. If bomb dies, you most likely saved scum.
PatrykSzczescieNov 17, 2019
Bomb (part II)

Gunned town: With bomb cc, shoot outside unless it's your cc. With mylo where you lose with shooting bomb, you may consider not shooting and lynching instead of NL'ing for more info. If all mafs claim bomb and there's more than one scum, shoot in bombs, you risk losing if you shoot wrong but you gain mislynch if you shoot right, sometimes leading to town autowin.

Playing against bomb: Always have ninja or gramps lead the kill to avoid death by explosion. If don't have any, decide which mafia is the least valuable to lead the kill.

Sacrificing: Die with bomb if there are no other important pr to kill and killing the bomb doesn't give a mislynch. You can choose the leading maf to die with bomb, so pick in the following order: the confirmed, the least valuable, the scummiest.

Counterclaiming: Don't cc bomb unless you feel confident enough to win the cc. Instead, cc another pr once you know bomb and after winning the cc, kill the bomb.
SteelixMegaNov 18, 2019
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Stalker (part I)

Overall mechanic: Stalker is an investigative role supporting mafia. After intending to visit a non-mafia member during the night, stalker will learn role of the visited person the following day. If the stalked player has a suit prior the night, the stalker will learn the suit instead.

Playing with stalker: Stalker is a very valuable role as long as there are town members whose roles are unknown to you. It allows you to get more accurate kills for following nights. If no-killing doesn't give town any advantages (such as ml, gun, reports), you can get free stalks for doing this. It's also worth to keep stalker alive in order to defend yourself in case you get investigated, which is mentioned in the following paragraph.

Defending claim and counterclaiming: Stalker is the best role to cc most investigative roles as you can fake a town report according to your stalk. It works really well with janitor once your apparent cc is cleaned. If you find an investigative role, you can claim this role guiltying your cc. The cc gets lynched quite smoothly if town is unaware of this mechanic. It's the safest to make your cc look like stalker, which visits dead and alive at once and receives a stalker report from living town. For this reason, if you get guiltied by investigative role who hasn't claimed before, you cc the role and say you were stalked, regardless if you're stalker or not.

Coding: Tell partners during the night who you're stalking then set up codes for possible roles. Coding is advised mainly when town isn't massclaiming during the following day and there's possibility of stalker dying or when you want to adjust a strategy during the day depending on the stalk. As stalker usually claims an investigative role, it's advised to make up different reports depending on the stalk and not cc if you stalk the only protective role.
Stalker (part II)

Non-stalking: Once all roles are known, it's safe not to stalk so town doesn't get additional clears in case they find your visit unless you use stalk solely for a visit, especially on those that certain pr know are clear. But if no investigatives have claimed, don't be afraid to stalk as you can always say you were stalked after being guiltied even when journalist reads your report, with a chance to get a mislynch done and killing the stalked clear.

Playing against stalker: If you have stalker in game, it's usually advised to lynch to prevent further stalks unless you don't mind massclaiming and let maf kill tonight to fix mylo into lylo.

Scumhunting: Games are tough with stalker cc'ing as you might expect guiltied cc quite often. When this happens, find out if the guiltying one is real pr or stalker. Stalkers usually claim on day start as fast as possible to prevent another maf from claiming pr and to gain credibility for claiming before the guiltied pr has a chance to say anything. Pay attention to this behavior especially in setups where stalker usually doesn't cc pr. You can use meta to determine if the person would visit the intended target as town pr or stalk the cc. Keep in mind that stalker only learns a role. Visits and journalist reports might be at most guessed by the stalker, you can catch a slip knowing this fact. You may leave the cc for more reports and wifom your decision tonight assuming the stalker would certainly know your role.

Getting clears: Stalker doesn't visit mafs, so keep in mind the visits are always on town (unless driver). If you catch the stalk, you find a clear. Most novice stalkers capable of cc'ing usually out reports according to stalks, which means they usually out reports on town, keep this in mind when you deal with one.
Caroler (part I)

Overall mechanic: Caroler is a role supporting town who shares meeting with other carolers, visits another player and sings a carol. If the caroled player doesn't visit during the night, the player will hear a song about 3 living or killed during the last night players, including 1, 2 or 3 mafia members. If the caroled player visits during the night, the player won't be aware of being caroled (except for gramps and priest but they won't hear the carol). The caroler cannot intend to visit the same person twice, even if roleblocked the previous night.

The power of carol: Carol is the most powerful when there's only 1 maf remaining, as it clears everybody else not included in the carol from being maf. If there's a non-confirmed mafia and confirmed mafia staying alive, the carol has high odds of including the confirmed mafia making it useless. With multiple mafs alive, using the carol you can exclude possible mafia teams between unclear people. If no one can do this, the carol becomes useless (for example, when there's lb cc'd by 2 mafs and the carol includes 2 lb claims, the carol is useless as you can't exclude any possible mafia team between lb claims).

Clarification: 3rd party roles including traitor are not mafia members count into the carol. If any of them is lynched, the carol's still viable. The carol isn't affected by cop investigation results, which means godfather and lawyed maf members are count as mafia in carol, miller and framed non-maf members are not. The carol isn't affected by suits either. Multiple carols can include different mafia members even though they stay alive, so the only player included in all carols is not confirmed mafia, although the odds are high.
Caroler (part II)

Playing with caroler: Ask for carol. After somebody outs a carol, lynch according to the carol assuming the caroled person could also fake a carol as certain scum role. If no one outs a carol and only scum can't get carols, caroler should out the scum. If there are some visiting town roles beside the caroler, it could risk getting both pr out unnecessarily, it's best to ask town members to hypo caroler claim, saying who they would have caroled if they were caroler. If there's hooker in game, hypoing might be pointless and the remaining way to play is to focus the read on the person who was supposed to receive a carol.

Caroling: According to the power of carol, caroling a clear with at least 2 mafs alive usually doesn't give any useful info and it excludes you from caroling the clear for the next night, so it's advised to carol a townread. Your townread will be trusted by everybody else after outing the carol. But be careful, this can be backfired by metagaming if people know you do this often and scum may fake a carol after killing you - carol a clear if you expect this. Once there's only 1 maf, carol a town that survives tonight and you'll have a won game, depending on how many mislynches and clears remain. Saying who you're caroling tonight is not advised as scum can easily fake a carol or kill the caroled person.
Caroler (part III)

Getting caroled: If you receive a carol, it's generally advised to out the carol with all the contents, otherwise you'll end up being assumed as visiting role and usually fishing the caroler claim calling you out. If you're clear or can clear yourself as pr, you can hide the carol. Mafia can't cc roles according to the carol that wasn't outed and it works best when all townies included in the carol are uncc'd pr claims. Keep in mind that you can get caroler fished if you don't claim. Try not to die with hidden valid carol that no one else can read, reveal it before you die. If you're protected or a pr that can't die tonight, you may hide the carol for another day instead of revealing new clears which hints the mafia who to kill tonight. This way mafia may kill people included in your carol for your advantage.

Being aware of visits: Unless your target gets driven or you get roleblocked, caroling someone you might be aware whether the person visits or not. It can determine possible town or scum, depending on the density of visiting roles among both sides. On the one hand, if caroler is the only visiting town member, those who don't receive carols are scum, on the other hand, when every town member visits (or the only non-visiting town member is loudmouth who shouts caroler's name when caroled), others who receive the carol are scum, which is easy to point out without caroler outing. If odds of being driven, roleblocked or caroling visiting town member are low, you may consider revealing your role and those who didn't out your carol.
Caroler (part IV)

Journalism: Journalist and informant can visit caroled player and learn contents of the carol in exact order. In journalist setups, people usually ask the caroler and journalist to be on the same person. Journalist is to confirm the carol. When you're caroled, it's good to swap order and eventually names of people within a group of clear town members (including yourself and killed ones) so the journalist claim that tries to confirm you, will have to know the exact order of names in the carol. Call out any inconsistency between the carol and journalist report. If caroler is outed, the caroler calls out who's being caroled for journalist. If journalist is outed, it shouldn't be said who's being caroled as journalist can be easily killed tonight and mafia can fake a carol.

(Counter)claiming: Claim when necessary, most likely during massclaiming time or to call out somebody visiting. When you're cc'd, say who you've been on all nights. It's good to carol-test unless there's a living hooker. Keep in mind that you can't carol the same person twice and point this out if people ask you to do this. If there are only 2 clears and one of them has been caroled last night, set up that only one caroler claim carols the remaining clear, unless the remaining clear can be killed tonight then just don't mention you're testing or, playing with inexperienced players, fool people by telling cc to carol the same person.
Caroler (part V)

Playing against caroler: When there's caroler and at least 3 mafs attend meeting, make sure one of mafs doesn't visit in any meetings to be able to catch a carol. If a townie gets a carol, try to push on townies in the carol or call the caroled fake. Try not to end up in scenario where scum cc each other, especially when one of them is traitor.

Claiming caroled: When you get a carol, the safest thing to do is including 3 living unclear townies or a partner with least valuable role. However, riskier carol will be more likely to be followed by town. When caroler is dead, you can also claim caroled even though you didn't receive any carol, especially when you're a visiting role (bussing in carol works best), just pay attention if the caroler didn't mention intended visit before dying. If you fake-claim caroled and get cc'd, push on cc. However, when town is swarming with visiting roles, consider claiming not caroled on purpose, as you might end up being confirmed when all non-visiting town roles die.
Caroler (part VI)

Playing as lone mafia: Most lone maf players make a mistake by killing the caroler, guaranteeing a carol that almost always results in town autowin. Don't make this happen! If town has a mislynch tomorrow, your top priority is not to allow anyone clear to be caroled. You should kill clear town member who's most likely to be caroled even if it's oracle (odds of getting naked are much slimmer than being in autoloss due to the carol). Pay attention to who was caroled the previous night as the same person can't be caroled again.

Abusing mechanic knowledge: Most players seem to omit the crucial information of caroler being unable to visit the same person twice in a row. Use this for your advantage. If clear is caroled, cc caroler and set up a carol test where the real caroler has to carol the same clear while the fake one "carols" someone else, that either is unclear or clear that you're going to kill. Caroler will fail the carol test and get lynched. Same goes when the only clear has been caroled last night and you're going to kill caroler tonight - claim caroled once the day starts with confidence. Town will think scum would be afraid of claiming caroled as they'd slip and confirm themself if the clear was caroled.