Epicmafia Role Guide14

As I barely play EpicMafia nowadays, I think I can reveal my secrets of how I play with certain roles which I assume as the most optimal play. I will share overall mechanic I know about those roles as well as strategies about how to play with and against them.

I will publish posts with strategy of each role that I practiced in ranked and competitive games. OP space is not enough to fit them all.

I'll skip 3 roles whose playing is so obvious that most users know how to play them better than me: villager (blue), mafia (nilla) and cop.

Sorry for content being so long that I split subjects into parts, but appreciate that I put my whole heart into those.

Doctor (in brief: doc)

Overall mechanic: Doc is a protective role which assures that the targeted person doesn't die during the night, except for strengthened kills, such as strongman ability or yakuza suicide. If the target is attacked, the kill is canceled, which looks like the kill didn't happen. Killers still visit though. Neither doc nor saved person is informed about saved person being attacked. Doc can cure poisoned people from their poison injected by poisoner, but can't prevent them from getting poisoned (when doc and poisoner visit the same person during the same night).

Playing with doctor: You can play it either safe or risky.

Safe play: Save in the following priority: most powerful town roles or clears, townread semi-clears or strong townreads, no save (if you don't have any clears nor townreads). Always save if saving provides town a mislynch. Otherwise, keep in mind that mafia will be aware that their target is not doc if they fail to kill so don't save if you don't have anyone worth saving. NL on mylo, force it into lylo.

Risky play: Save for mislynches. Think who mafia would kill tonight and heal. Reread previous days and find towny people who look like a doc (although you know they're not but they can still be town). Don't save the clear as mafia doesn't kill clears if they're aware of living doc, especially when save provides a mislynch. If you successfully yolo-save someone non-clear over the clear, keep in mind that mafia might kill the clear thinking the doc would do that again so you can switch your play to safe one. Push to lynch everyday even if it's mylo. The rule is that 2 saves = a mislynch.
Doctor (part II)

When you save somebody: If you visited someone and no one dies by scum, you may assume that you saved the target (maybe). Mafia is very well aware of what happened, unlike town. If you want to soft, you can as well claim as mafia is very sensitive to softs and it might cause harm if town doesn't notice your soft. The best play to survive tonight is to read carefully, find a townread that's not your save, and focus on revealing the townread. Mafia will assume you'd save the person you announced as townread. If you want to play risky, you can reread once more and find towny people appealing to your save - mafia will most likely get rid of them. Don't forget to try healing the clear if mafia is aware of doc yolo-saving.

(Counter)claiming: Don't claim when you have confirmed mafia to lynch unless stopping pr roles from checking you gives town an autowin. Always claim if it's for town autowin regardless if mafia kills you tonight. If you guarantee clears to be safe till final day through lynching and killing repetitively, it's worth to claim early to lynch outside you than getting cc'd on lylo. If you get cc'd, ask to lynch for mafia outside the cc so your saving power is still valid and guaranteed for tonight, unless you suspect your cc is a powerful mafia role and lynching your cc gives town a significant advantage. If you're cc'd and there are no powerful roles to save, save whoever townreads you the most (else whoever scumreads you the least) to have a helping hand to fight your cc still alive.
Doctor (part III)

Unusual cases: If you play with poisoner, safe play would be to heal poisons to assure decreased number of mafia kills, unless you're quite certain you'll save somebody or you don't think the poison is real. It's still worth healing the poisoned claim regardless if you expect mafia to kill you. In games with vigilante or interceptor, you should consider not saving randomly as the odds are better if you don't save at all.

Playing against the doctor: You ought to carefully read for claims and investigative reports to exclude players as possible doc. Then compare lines of those remaining and make a correct kill. You can resort to meta and find out who would or wouldn't save the person you targeted during the first night. If doc has no powerful roles to protect, it's worth to consider killing the most towntelling people over possible doc reads. Eventually, you'll cc doc who appears scummy enough.

Doc is easy to fish: if you get lynched or the clear asks you for role before hammering and you don't think you can pull it out claiming anything else, claim doc, unless it's mislynch and you're last maf or saccing the doc puts you into autoloss. If you're last maf cc'ing doc and town set a doc-test where you both try to save different people, aim to kill your cc's target even on meteor when killing anyone else puts you in autoloss.
Hooker (sorry if explanations and examples make this text longer)

Overall mechanic: Hooker assists mafs by roleblocking a town member, which makes their visits have no effects. Roleblocked people are not aware of being roleblocked, unless they don't get feedback from their actions they expected to have. Roleblocking doesn't affect actions that require no visiting, such as for watcher and oracle. Also, hooker turns virgins into villagers.

Playing with hooker: As mafia you have an ability to kill somebody, but with hooker in team, you can also have a town member roleblocked, which usually makes hooker the most powerful mafia role, as long as there are any visiting town pr. Hooker should be protected if you have any visiting town pr that you should keep alive for another day as you need to kill another pr, or when the visiting pr gives town some info or other advantage despite dying, that could be countered when you hook-kill (kill and hook the same person). However, if there are no visiting town pr or there's only one that can be simply killed tonight without having any further influence on the game, hooker is simply as valuable as nilla. If town overrestimates hooker in this case, you can use it to your advantage, such as bussing, later reasoning that you wouldn't bus such a valuable role.
Hooker (part II)

Massclaim cases: As you can only hook one person per night, you should wonder which pr is worth hooking and which worth killing. Find out all possible outcomes and take the most optimal one. It's usually good to kill uncc'd watcher first and hook another pr. With lawyer cc'ing cop and uncc'd blacksmith, you should hook and kill the blacksmith as cop gives no useful info when hooker is lawyed, but blacksmith gives a vest upon death. What about cop and doctor? Well, hook either, kill another. Whether you leave doc or hooked cop alive, there's no difference. There are different pr duos or trios, find the most convenient solution for yourself.

Hidden claims: If no one claimed and you don't have any strong pr reads, it's recommended to kill the most townread person who might be pr and hook the scummy one as scummy roleblocked people left alive are easy to be cc'd and lynched. Consider hook-killing if there are some advantageous even upon death pr roles.

Counterclaiming: As hooker if you're powerful, claim a role that is set in majority. If leading player likes lynching players claiming majority role first over pr cc, you may consider cc'ing a pr role instead. Keep in mind you can cc every role except for those confirmable by day abilities (don't cc governor, please). If first kill is known only by a mafia member, such as janitor, it's good to claim the non-revealed pr role as hooker, you simply claim hooked further nights and town will never confirm you as fake.
Hooker (part III: achievement)

Achievement: There's a hooker achievement that is obtained by hooking someone who tries to kill you. There's a town role known as vigilante that meets the requirement. If you have one in setup, the best way to obtain this achievement is to cc this role. No other mafia role is good to cc this. If there's vigil cc, town usually focuses on lynching mafia outside, telling vigil claims to shoot each other. In result, either vigil kills cc or dies, confirming the cc. It's not an issue for hooker, who can hook the cc throughout the game and get the achievement on the first try, just don't forget to win as mafia in the end. Don't be afraid to cc hooker even if the setup has whispers, you somehow have to know your cc to shoot hook it.
Hooker (part IV)

Playing against hooker: The fact that hooker is alive makes some pr discouraged to claim their role. If you're a visiting pr, you might consider claiming once people decide to lynch and demand info. Once they are certain of a lynch, no one should claim. If you have so many living town pr roles that not everybody can be hooked or killed during a single night, it's better to massclaim, otherwise maf may have a great chance to randomly hook or kill a pr.

If every living role gives something usable when not roleblocked, there must be somebody roleblocked unless hooker intentionally didn't hook. Most of setups contain a mixture of blues and pr, and at most 1 hooker. Which means only 1 person can be hooked. If multiple pr roles claim hooked, only one of them says the truth. If you expect an item or another system message from a pr but didn't get any, consider this pr as hooked, which means when another pr claims hooked, they're lying.

In a 3-maf game, if you have a confirmed mafia and you're certain it's not hooker, but lynching hooker makes living pr advantageous for town in finding the third mafia, you may consider lynching for hooker. But generally, it might not be worth risking hidden pr getting fished than just safely lynch the confirmed scum. In a 2-maf game, it's never worth lynching outside confirmed scum, it's better to let night actions take place and learn the role of lynched scum to find out the final mafia. The only exception would be if lynching confirmed mafia led town into autoloss, such as hooker being able to prevent doctor from healing a poisoned townie.
Please do role and setup mechanics for Drunken Disguise Party and Manhunt because those are 2 setups where people always forget mechanics.

Overall mechanic: Tracker is an inventigative role that shares meeting with other trackers and must visit every night when it's possible. In a group of trackers, only the majority receives feedback. After visiting a player, tracker receives feedback from the player's visits. Even when the player is roleblocked, tracker will get their intended visit.

Group players: If there's a group of players who share meeting where's decided who to visit, only players voting in majority visit (unless the majority decides to vote no one), the other players don't make a visit resulting from the meeting. The majority of votes can be only one and if votes are split without getting the majority, there are no visits and no actions are performed resulting from the meeting. In conclusion, tracker will be able to track visits of those who vote as majority in their meetings.

Visiting multiple people: Tracker receives a report of visits in specific order. If tracker tracks mafia killing, the kill resulting from mafia meeting is shown as first in the report. If a player is a specific role which performs an action that requires self-visiting, the visit appears as the last in tracker report. Tracker reports don't mention the same target twice if the tracked player uses multiple meetings to perform an action on the same person.

Playing with tracker: Tracker play as an investigative role is simple: you out when there's a protective role that can be on you or when there are many other pr's alive which mafia might kill over you. If there's a cc and you haven't claimed, you should stay quiet and lynch in cc unless you're helpful with a report that confirms either of them but it's better to try pushing on fake one without claiming and claim only when the town leads against your will.
Tracker (part II)

Reading reports: While reading the report, you should understand what possible roles in the setup can make such a visit. There are roles that can't visit (unless under certain unusual circumstances, such as witch which makes tracked players visit to kill themselves), for example villager, bomb, watcher or ninja. If you see players visiting, you can exclude possibility of those roles. The remaining roles are visiting and most of them may choose not to visit. In most cases you'll see people using visits all the time unless they have a reason not to visit.

Tracking mafia kill: Most of maf roles have to visit to kill somebody. However, tracking meetings attended by multiple people, especially mafia meeting, if there are at least 3 people attending the meeting, 2 of them can vote as the majority and the remaining ones may decide not to visit. So if you have somebody not visiting with at least 3 mafs, don't assume them as clear, you might have tracked the mafia who didn't visit. If you have only 1 or 2 mafia remaining, people not visiting the kill are basically clear unless no kill occurred or there's a ninja. If you find somebody visiting the kill, it's most likely maf, but there can be other roles that could visit dead as well. Mafia can confirm your report and claim town pr that visited dead, beware of this. No protective roles such as doctor would let the person they visit die unless it was caused by strongman using ability, hooker hooking the protective role or the dead was actually a disguiser. In the last case, the disguiser makes old body appear dead and takes possession over the kill which appears as alive. From tracker's point of view, all mafs will look like visiting alive while they're killing a person that's actually being disguised. Saves also make maf visit alive, which is the player they intended to kill.
Tracker (part III)

Tracking other visits: Tracker shouldn't be focused on whether somebody visits dead or not. There are other visits that could appear as much important. For example, if you track dead gunsmith, you can find out who's gunned. Depending on the role you track, you can expect results. Janitor must use their janitor meeting if they don't want their kill to be revealed to town. If you see janning, you can determine whether the tracked player is most likely janitor or not. Some of mafs have secondary meetings that can't visit other mafs. If you track these, you can confirm visited players as non-maf. Use it to get clears.

(Counter)claiming: If you're supposed to out as tracker, claim with your reports. You might be cc'd, in which case you should try to get your cc lynched. You might try to lynch outside if there's no protective roles and people massclaimed, this way you may either get a report tonight that could be useful for town or get killed, confirming your cc. If you think you can't find mafia outside as a tracker, you may track town pr instead, trying to confirm yourself outing their visit. Once you're clear uncc'd tracker, you may consider not outing your further reports if you don't expect to die tonight as potential protective role might be on you. Reports may help mafia in finding the protective role. When you find the protective role visit, it's good for you because you may lynch without risking lynching the protective role, but beware if there are at least 3 mafs alive and some of them may act as protective with their additional visit. A decent play would be outing who the other pr visited to prove your claim being real or to find out if it's maf visit, saying that the pr should out if your report is not the pr visit.
Tracker (part IV)

Scumhunting: If there's tracker cc, read their reports and determine if you can find out which one is fake. Scum will usually cc tracker saying either that somebody didn't visit (or random visiting if setup is filled with sleepwalkers) or visited dead. Tracker finding pr visit should be real. Mafia guessing the pr as well as their visit is barely possible but there are some maf roles that can learn the visit, such as scout, lookout or informant if they read their reports well. Some players may try cc'ing tracker with random visits, so if you see a tracker claim saying you visited, you should know if the visit is real depending on your role and your action last night. If it's wrong, you should out it. If it happens, it means either you are scum trying to get tracker lynched or the tracker fake-claimed. If you can prove you can't be maf according to the tracker report, the tracker claim can be automatically lynched, in most cases you don't even have to claim your role. Same with other people, if somebody denies tracker report, you can safely lynch the tracker if scum can't visit as the report says.

Playing against tracker: Tracker is a role you would try to get rid of but when the tracker is not clear and can't find any useful reports, you may consider leaving the tracker alive. If you have at least 3 mafs, only 2 should visit the kill. The remaining ones should vote someone else or no one. You should decide who should visit to kill and who not. The best would be to engage ninja in killing as well as mafs that would use their additional meeting on kill, such as janitor for janning or disguiser for guising. If it's mylo, you may consider NK'ing to avoid being guiltied, but keep in mind the tracker can find other useful reports for town advantage and that you should kill on meteor unless you're the only mafia and in autoloss when you kill.
Tracker (part V)

Counterclaiming: Claiming tracker may sometimes be more difficult than claiming cop. Your reports would usually be made up based on probabilities. If majority of town is non-visiting, you'd out non-visit reports. If there are sleepwalkers, you may out a random visit on them even if there are non-visiting blues, they may not be aware of that. For your best interest it would be to guilty the tracker by saying they visited dead. If there are mafs who visit alive as an additional visit, you may add a random secondary visit to the guiltying report, but beware of which maf role you're guiltying as some of those role make targets aware of the visit. It would be safe if you out a report on partner depending on what they claim. It'd be safer to assume the partner claims the majority of roles. Drawing partner a pr visit would raise another pr cc which would end up in teaming.

Reading tracker reports: Read tracker reports and learn what they mean. If you are hunting for hiding protective role, non-visits would not be them. If tracker slips a report on a protective role, it's good for you. Reading reports as town reads, you should know which people will be considered clear and under what circumstances. For example, when tracker had a non-visit report when you as janitor janned and your partners are lynched, town will be aware the non-visit report is clear and you should kill the clears (don't forget to kill the tracker first if you didn't).
Hooker (addendum I)

Playing with hooker: If you have a clear to kill but there's a protective role who'd most likely be on the clear, however saving doesn't provide a mislynch and town doesn't get any useful clear info during the night, don't kill for the protective role. Hook for the protective role and try to kill the clear. If you fail to read for the protective role, killing your read you kill an unclear that could have been lynched otherwise. Hooking your read that was not correct, you hit save, but you get info that the hook is not the protective role while town remains clueless as all they see is no one being killed. In conclusion, hooker might be played as an investigative role for mafia to determine hidden pr. So if you see an outed pr and there's a hidden pr, sometimes you may just safely kill the outed pr while trying to hook for the hidden one.