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dumfuk18d 13h

This isn’t based off of a players best performance, but rather how they play at 90% of that, so this is how they usually play. I don’t have enough self control to not let people know they’re bad so I’m making this list as a reminder and to stop myself from doing that so much. This list is also relative to the current playerbase, not on an all-time scale. If you aren’t on it, I either don’t know you or forgot about you.

S:Myself (computer)

A+:Myself (mobile device), staypositivefriend

A:Anne, poser, sonseray, essa

A-:shrub, persimmon, starfire, becomeclear, loveless,

B+:d3x, lumos, bearguru, misterpres, returnofthemack, meg, deux, edark, devante

B:facilier, pikanano, twinfawn, nancyreagan, brenda, yachi, polarsloth, stdbraib

B-halifax, phoenix, sammy, marry, callam, christ1an, ivana, betmen, kyodai

C+:fuel, casonova, Skathi, SENPAI, syd

Not gonna bother listing C tier and below, if you’re that bad then stop playing forever

Dodgelist: Neeko, Mouth, DalaiLama, Maate, gardeningpapa, Towlie, Chedough

dumfuk3d 12h
I can’t no cap someone in back to back games and leave them where they’re at
marry3d 11h
during the 15 day quest, i have practiced my scumhunting and hammering. i would like to request an appeal to be promoted to B tier.
dumfuk3d 8h
Prove it marry
dumfuk3d 7h
Moving GardeningShitter to dodgelist
Jake4313d 6h

I impose that we move Kyodai to dodge list; not reading the game, voting the sheriff in mylo, luckily it was 4 way or we would've lost thanks to the guy who didn't know who sheriff was!!
I also impose that we raise me to B tier as I am starting to be fearkilled in games for my tier status.
lemme on the list
ivana3d 4h
I agree with my rating. Thanks for keepin' it real my friend. I hope to improve and learn from players like you!
Banana3d 2h
Put some respect on my name
Linker3d 1h
Moving GardeningShitter to dodgelist
From A tier wasn't it? huge shift. Swift rating makes the placing of each player on the tierlist less valuable.

That's the type of player you should keep unranked.
dumfuk2d 19h
No he was in C+
marry2d 17h
Prove it marry
i will send you receipts when i get them
x100pre2d 16h
trash list authored by a trash player... would like to see pranay’s take on this
dumfuk1d 18h
moving sonse back up to A and adding essa to A, although they are the weaker duo in that bracket
dumfuk1d 18h!
Also adding JayMee/Towlie to the dodgelist. He joined a bunch of games and started identifying himself as “ravennns lover” out of anger or something cause she gets shít on constantly. It was embarrassing to say the least
dumfuk1d 17h
Adding Chedough to dodgelist. Just watched him force a no lynch in day 1 lylo and I don’t think I can ever play a game with this guy without instavoting him regardless of what his role is
dumfuk1d 17h
I think he’s actually <insert r word>
dumfuk1d 17h
How does your brain process a situation like that so slowly?
Moldyches1d 13h
I agree towlie should be avoided at ALL costs

lol jk, I thought he was lumos a while ago
dumfuk1d 4h
Tonight I watched Gerry (phenomenal player at one point) lose a cc against an afk mafia


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