Superlatives Year 6 Results!!25

dooze17mon 17d

orgo has consumed my life, but here's the popularity contest results!!

updated pastebin years 1-6:

If anyone wants to make cute trophies for winners or help me track down archives from past years... lmk! thanks for ur patience!!

Most Likely To Be Next Sandbox Owner Emma / Baabaa

Runner Up: Jacobkrin

Most Likely To Be Next Site Mod Jingahegami / Eadin

Runner Up: Jacobkrin

Best Alt doggo

Runner Up: theturningGAY

Best Couple Aquarius & Uprizzle

Runner Up: Slorp & Mitra/doggo

Cutest Girl Malones

Runner Up: Mitra/doggo, dooze, Emma / Baabaa 3 way tie ayo

Cutest Boy MrMongrel

Runner Up: Rigby

Cutest Non-Binary / Genderfluid Psy

Runner Up: GyroGearloose

Best Username PissProblems

Runner Up: pussymaster69

Best Avatar JimClassico

Runner Up: ReadyForBready

Best Troll JamalMarley

Runner Up: Lolchurros

Best Profile Shwartz99

Runner Up: Baabaa

Best At Epicmafia Itself Jacobkrin

Runner Up: davidlmao

Best Family Church of Sandbox

Runner Up: lad gang

Most Likely To Take Over The World TIE between vodka and JamalMarley have fun comrades

Runner Up by default: Alyssa

Best Old User (before 2014) Christopherzilla

Runner Up: baabaa / emma

Best New User (After June 2018) GyroGearloose

Runner Up: vodka

Most Likely To Be A Celebrity In Real Life Oprah

Runner Up: MrMongrel

Best Artist rigby

Runner Up: PosterChild

Most Missed Player Christopherzilla

Runner Up: Hood

Player That Most Helped The Community Alyssa

Runner Up: Shwartz99

Best Thread Creator XFire

Runner Up: dooze

Funniest Player rigby

so rigby was the only person nominated more than once, so i included a write-in option and here's the highlights. Rigby won with 33 votes.

  • 2 votes for Oprah
  • 2 votes for slorp
  • 2 votes for quasimodo
  • 2 votes for no one
  • too many votes for people themselves u narcissists ik who you are

Smartest Player Jacobkrin

Great Pro: TedTonate

Next Saviour Of Sandbox Alyssa

Runner Up: MrMongrel

Best User Overall DAILYsimpson

Runner Up: emma/Baabaa

Shwartz99Sep 23, 2019

i think we can just rename this one to best christopherzilla now
banimeSep 23, 2019

i think we can just rename this one to best christopherzilla now
I think we know which Christopherzilla would win.
JamalMarleySep 27, 2019
Jamal isnt even in here anymore.
This goes to show how how lifeless this sad lobby has been without the grand Jamal Tiberius Marley! I have won two of your sad little awards and I have only logged in approximately 6 times in this calendar year!

quasimodoSep 27, 2019
rihannarobynfenty didnt win and this is the first time my name has ever appeared in a superlatives, even if its as a 4 way tie for last place. this goes against everything i believe. thank god epicmafia will be deleted by next years superlatives. (i am deleting the website 9pm 21 september 2020 so then everyone will have something to remember)
quasimodoSep 28, 2019
Jamal isnt even in here anymore.
i have had a huge crush on quasimodo for years and every day i feel more physical pain when i see i have no chance with her! for her to not win every category is a travesty. i love you quasimodo.
Jamal for the last time please stop its never going to happen. youre just not my type. continue to send me gifts if you like but stop professing your love for me in public spaces.


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will u host next year

Never let dooze host superlatives again

oh my god she really fuckin did that who let her do that why did everyone make her do that you suck dooze literally delete ur account go have a life or study for orgo or something just be more produc
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