Food post 1018

Hello, since I’m in HK now I’m gonna post a lot of food stuff, including what I eat here. Stay tuned!

swan1mon 5d
swan1mon 5d
i'll pretend this was fb so i get notifications
Pork Buns :doge:
Thanks for the comments.

Well, this will be my thread for posting stuff in HK in general, I guess. Off topic for a little bit:
I've been back to Hong Kong for like a month for now.

I was glad to meet all my friends back.

I think even only seeing one was able to make me feel happy again.

Chatting with them* was good enough, even over text and voice messages.


14th October, 2019

*Them are HN, LCM, and BT, for my own reference

Sept 15 - Sept 22, 2019 - cleaning, sanitizing home, bought some essentials and food.

Sept 23 - October 12 (nothing to be recorded)
pork buns or riot
pork buns or riot
k will deliver this weekend,

>when my dad goes to yam cha

I don't go to yam cha by myself lol (too expensive) or with my friends
mulan5d 5h
xlb posts pls