Racism against racist people67

Gulag4mon 17d

Has anyone else noticed the dehumanising language used by the mainstream media against racist people?

I am referring to things like when a person that allegedly holds racist beliefs is referred to as "a racist." "So-and-so is a racist." This is to substitute the more natural phrasing of "so-and-so is a racist person" or "so-and-so is racist" or "so-and-so holds racist beliefs."

This phrasing, deliberately saying "a racist" like this, is trying to diminish the person to one aspect of their identity. It is so the populus can rally behind the mainstream media and easily hate that person. It prevents the people consuming the media from thinking of the person that holds racist beliefs as an individual. It is so the mainstream media can pin the alleged crimes of single people that are racist onto all people that are racist. In my opinion, that is the truest form of racism there is.

This is not a defense of racist beliefs. I do not harbor any racist beliefs myself. But I do not have to hold racist beliefs myself to be worried about what the mainstream media is doing.

JeffNov 21, 2019
watching two racists fight over who is more racist is epicmafia’s legacy, truly.
cuteNov 21, 2019
i am racist
cuteNov 21, 2019
horse racing is clearly the most inferior race
DriverscissorsNov 21, 2019
NovemberNov 21, 2019
we need laws protecting racists
blacksnakemoanNov 22, 2019
watching two racists fight over who is more racist is epicmafia’s legacy, truly.
Do I have to dig up the thread where I show your long history of transphobia, racism, and sexism?
SteelixMegaNov 22, 2019
jeff: i don't like white people

also jeff: is hella white