BREAKING NEWS!!!! Char gone47

ivana2mon 3d

Haha SIKE. How is everyone?

ivana1d 17h
Idk why I'm so nervous to start my new job later today. I spoke to the owner's son and explained to him about me being burned at my last job and he was so nice. He said the environment is relaxed. Which it did seem, but of course I'm still anxious.

The guy I like is emotionally unavailable but an amazing friend overall. I'm pretty sure the issue isn't me. Dating is also hard for me. I can't flirt. Welcome to my world where anxiety takes over my life c:
Mouths1d 16h
sometimes i click this and forget and get excited then I remember
ivana1d 14h
i love char
Milton12341d 12h
hi <3
ivana19h 41m
hi <3
Love you Milton 💓
ivana19h 39m
My first day of work was amazing. My new job is so easy and it's the highest paying job I've ever had. I picked up the POS system instantly and my manager was impressed. I'm happy there! ❤️
x100pre19h 38m
u smell

legalize weed nationally

it doesn't cause cancer.
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