Opinions from a recluse18

Zofia10mon 7d

I feel a general disdain for pretty much everyone and/or everything; in real life, that is. EpicMafia is a... not so different story.

Everyone else has done one of these opinion things so I might as well do one now too! I don't really know a lot of people very well at all, so my opinions are going to be heavily skewed towards the little I've seen - so I may get things completely wrong about you.

I'll try my best to be honest, but I can't say the same for keeping this thread updated as I'll probably lose interest by tomorrow... but we'll see how things go.

Also I'm a big movie-goer, so if you so desire, I'll recommend you a movie to watch - tailor made!

deletedSep 8, 2019
Join my discord already, grrr,

we are waiting for you
staypositivefriendSep 8, 2019
i want an opinion!

and a movie too, please
SinBSep 9, 2019
hi miss you.
deletedSep 9, 2019!
Damn, the ... the pie

I like how we all have 10% in the pie!!!!

Miracle lol

Btw Zofia hi
deletedSep 9, 2019
ivana the type of chick 2 ruin a perfectly cut pie
ZofiaSep 12, 2019!
Join my discord already, grrr,

we are waiting for you
Hi APsychologist, I remember when I first saw you around there was something about you which I didn't like. I can't quite remember what it was but knowing myself it probably had something to do with your username. I have nothing against psychology/ists, in fact I find it fascinating - but something about the whole thing bugged me specifically on EM.

Since then, as I have played a few games with you, I enjoy your company at least somewhat. I love that it seems that you're really enjoying EM. I truly believe the website needs more people like you in that regard bringing more liveliness.

Also stop pestering me about your discord, I won't join.

I know you didn't ask for a movie, but I'll give you one anyways: The Silence of the Lambs.
GodStephCurrySep 12, 2019
roast me and give me a movie rec i'm bored af x
luis4rodSep 12, 2019
Opinion and movie recco pls
SpookySep 12, 2019
Meow opinion meow and meow anime meow movie meow pls
ZofiaOct 8, 2019
Gonna start working on these again, not that I ever really started and all investment from those who posted is long gone~!
PhoenixiOct 8, 2019
Me Zofie :tigger:
diaOct 8, 2019
could i get an opinion? =D
bennyOct 8, 2019!
do meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

++ a movie!
CirnoOct 8, 2019
im geussing ur that type a rare 1 in a million gurl that would rather cozy up withy a bottle of wine and a nice paperback than go to a party
deletedOct 8, 2019
MoldychesOct 8, 2019
English does NOT sound that cool.

Also I'm kinda mad that british english wasn't on this list... i love their accent
ZofiaOct 8, 2019
i want an opinion!

and a movie too, please
Okay Jess, let's do this. I think I'd consider you one of my closest friends on EpicMafia, and you're definitely the sole reason I haven't lost interest and left like I have in the past. You're really fun to play with, you're on all of the time & you're very agreeable making our conversations *that* much better.

You're also probably the best player I've played with too, in a long time at least. There are others which I have a high opinion of, but I don't play with them nearly enough to compare them to you. Your persistence and ability to stick to a gameplan especially as mafia really impresses me. There are games we are teamed in which I long give up out of percieved helplessness which you'll always battle through... although this does become a tell that you are mafia when you get a little bit too desperate, not always though. You're also really good at reading me which is annoying - and I'm sure you feel the same way. I like to think I'd be as good as you if I actually tried to get better, maybe even surpass you.

There are times though when I don't really enjoy being around you, mostly when you're having arguements with someone about something political. It's not that I don't think you should be able to have those kinds of arguements, it's just more that it's not really an environment I'm comfortable in & I find that it usually takes away the fun from playing mafia.

Yeah... um. I don't think we'd make good irl friends, but we get along great here so atm that's all that matters.

You said you wanted a spooky or a drama movie, so I'll give you one of each!

Spooky - John Carpenter's The Thing
Drama - About Time
ZofiaOct 8, 2019
These are too much effort
Best sounding language?