Opinions from a recluse9

Zofia8d 12h

I feel a general disdain for pretty much everyone and/or everything; in real life, that is. EpicMafia is a... not so different story.

Everyone else has done one of these opinion things so I might as well do one now too! I don't really know a lot of people very well at all, so my opinions are going to be heavily skewed towards the little I've seen - so I may get things completely wrong about you.

I'll try my best to be honest, but I can't say the same for keeping this thread updated as I'll probably lose interest by tomorrow... but we'll see how things go.

Also I'm a big movie-goer, so if you so desire, I'll recommend you a movie to watch - tailor made!

Join my discord already, grrr,

we are waiting for you
i want an opinion!

and a movie too, please
SinB8d 8h
hi miss you.
Damn, the ... the pie

I like how we all have 10% in the pie!!!!

Miracle lol

Btw Zofia hi
conjuror8d 5h
ivana the type of chick 2 ruin a perfectly cut pie
Zofia5d 8h!
Join my discord already, grrr,

we are waiting for you
Hi APsychologist, I remember when I first saw you around there was something about you which I didn't like. I can't quite remember what it was but knowing myself it probably had something to do with your username. I have nothing against psychology/ists, in fact I find it fascinating - but something about the whole thing bugged me specifically on EM.

Since then, as I have played a few games with you, I enjoy your company at least somewhat. I love that it seems that you're really enjoying EM. I truly believe the website needs more people like you in that regard bringing more liveliness.

Also stop pestering me about your discord, I won't join.

I know you didn't ask for a movie, but I'll give you one anyways: The Silence of the Lambs.
roast me and give me a movie rec i'm bored af x
luis4rod5d 59m
Opinion and movie recco pls
Spooky4d 23h
Meow opinion meow and meow anime meow movie meow pls
Best sounding language?