Can't play ranked4

Hello Lucid. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been trying to relax and play some EpicMafia during this congressional recess, but there is one problem: She cannot play any ranked games!


For awhile, it let her play them. She played 2. But after, it told her "You must play at least 10 unranked games," but the only problem is that she HAD.,,,,,,,,,

10 unranked games (all lasting at least 5 minutes with no vegs or suis) and it still will not let AOC join ranked games? This all seems overly complicated yet ultimately ineffective, and AOC already has to deal with overly complicated yet ultimately ineffective processes as a member of Congress. EM should be simpler.

How is the site supposed to thrive is new users have no way of joining ranked games?

A side point: it would be much more helpful instead of "You need 10 unranked games" it said "You need X more unranked games," so users can keep track and actually feel they are working towards something.

SIDE-side point, AOC could not submit this bug report herself. It said she needed higher karma. IMO you shouldn't need a certain Karma # to submit a bug report. The icing on the cake though: people could not give her Karma bc it said SHE NEEDED TO PLAY 10 UNRANKED GAMES FIRST.

Pls fix all of this.

lilinAug 26, 2019
play more
shayneismynameAug 26, 2019
GodStephCurryAug 26, 2019
should be a new system because unranked games are dead esp for the times some of us play at, 10 is a ridiculously high amount even ignoring the bug
deletedSep 9, 2019!
it would be cool if you could purchase something to bypass this

I Co-Sponsor AOC's bill.

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