Forum Mafia X: Cheating Allowed630

shady23d 18h

From the people who brought you EpicMafia Live and Jotto Tournament comes a new forum mafia experience...

Forum Mafia X: Cheating Allowed. Join january and I on a wild ride through discord (required to play) and as you attempt to lynch all mafia (or trick the town).

This is a 13 player game - 10 town, 3 mafia. It's partially open role and it's power role madness. Each player will get 3 roles to choose from upon joining the game. Notably, this game has been specifically designed to allow cheating and OGI without breaking the game. And there may be a few twists...

Each day and night will end at 8 PM EST on a deadline, so keep that in mind when determining your availability. Days are 72 hours and nights are 24 hours. You are expected to post at least 25 times per day cycle. Please browse through the rules and mechanics here if you are interested.




Sign-ups are in this thread or PM us on discord and once we get the game filled we will start. If you are playing, please add january and I on discord @shady#2520 and @january#4120

Game Links

Day One Begins

Voting Log 1.05

Day One Ends, Secret Is Lynched

Night One Ends, Alexandra Was Killed

Day Two Ends, APsychologist Is Lynched

SinB4d 9h
gg i win.
SinB4d 9h
who was mafia?
january4d 9h
SinB4d 9h
thank you for hosting
SinB4d 9h
damn spadez was the mafia. i knew something was fishy when char mentioned my name
january4d 9h
mafia could have won like day 3 idk why they didn't
shady4d 9h
i think town probably could have played it smarter and not immediately roleshared with everyone else d1 but so be it. also leb was the gter and accidentally read his PM out loud on call to char without realizing she was mafia so there's that... gg i guess
Secret4d 8h
Zayn4d 6h
Hitorika was literally blatant mafia it took me 2 minutes of reading to see how horridly fake their tone was lmfao Jesus
Mouth3d 19h
Honestly, that looked like a town win. I would have let it play out just to see what happens but gg.


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