Images won't embed43

LeChuck7mon 11d

Images stopped working in profile bios :/

alexandra15d 19h
they don't need to be screencapped, you can upload directly to (click and drag the image onto the page)

believe puush also works but never tried it

i don't see this being fixed or sites being added anytime soon, unfortunately, unless someone would like to suggest a good alternative (not imgur) that we can pass along to lucid
Shwartz9913d 12h
not sure why the above comment is being downvoted. heres what i do to upload things to gyazo:

1. open image in browser with gyazo extension
2. right-click on image
3. in dropdown menu, hover over "Capture", and then click "This image"
4. itll upload the whole image to the gyazo link, which you can then get the image link from and embed

so, in a condensed image:
aquarius12d 19h
well puush has been a dead site for a while now so maybe that's why the downvotes