im drunk ama28

fuel28d 18h

im drunk ask me anything

edit: im not drunk anymore but still feel free to ask anything.

doggo8d 14h
tv show s or movies
fuel8d 8h
give an anon opinion on who like and also dislike the most on this site?
to the one i like: u are very special in ur own way to me. theres a different type of happiness i feel when interacting with u compared to other ppl that i dont feel often. without being all sappy or cringe, i just want to say that i relaly do appreciate u n glad i can call u friend.

to the one i dislike: i could literally insult u in every way possible but that still would not be enough to express how i genuinely feel. when i get angry at u i just wanna punch u in the face real uqick and move on.
fuel8d 8h
are you drunk?
im getting there, just started once i logged on, im feeling tipsy rn.

tv show s or movies
i prefer tv shows, movies feel too longand dragged out, i canpause a tv show and continue later between episodes.
fuel8d 8h
keep them coming pls, i will answer some more in an hour if theres any.
pisces8d 7h
whats your main
fuel8d 5h
whats your main
its conjuror but i might change it tomorrow.
doggo7d 20h
hope the dislike one is about me haha

coffee or tea?

do u have any phobias

if u could move anywhere in the world where would u go
luis4rod7d 19h
why did u get drunk?